SENA 30K Bluetooth Headset & Intercom - Dual

Bluetooth and Mesh intercom system with Advanced noise control and active HD speakers

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Verified Customer Reviews for SENA 30K Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

11 reviews
Useful sena
13 January 2024 by Matthew
Really good piece of equipment makes a difference when needing to communicate with a pillion on your bike or a mate on a bike to keep on top of comication. Can listen to music which is amazing and awnser phone calls. 10/10 for this bit of kit.
Style: Single
Sena 30K
22 October 2023 by Lance B
much better than my last SENA, great bit of kit
Style: Single
Great sound
20 October 2023 by Jon S
This is a much better sounding version than last years. Good bass and very clear when in the road. Simple to operate with gloves on and voice commands make this even easier. Good at connecting to mesh and other riders in your group and also will add blue tooth users to your mesh group.
Style: Single
17 July 2023 by Phil H
I was a bit dubious about how the quality of sound would be but wow...they are fantastic and well worth every penny. Easy to fit and once you have the ear pieces in place, take a little adustment to get them in the perfect place they are fab.
Style: Single
Sena 30k around Ireland a
12 July 2023 by Paul S
Took the Sena 30k around Ireland with me a few weeks back and it did not disappoint. The sound quality is absolutely brilliant and at higher speeds, it's very well made and a absolute quality piece of kit to add to your riding gear. Very easy to use. I would definitely recommend the Sena 30k to is well worth the investment..
Style: Dual
08 July 2023 by Iain A
Very good product.
Style: Single
06 July 2023 by Geoff J
I'm new to biking and have bought all my kit (and it's good stuff) from Sportsbikeshop - mainly online. I search the internet for everything I want to purchase and the SENA 30K seemed to be one of the best you could buy. It arrived the next day and I have found that it matched all of the good things I read about it in terms of sound quality and interoperability. As I have said - Ace!
Style: Single
Great quality
16 June 2023 by Ali C
Purchased this product for the ability to listen to music and Bluetooth.
After speaking to advisors at the sports bike shop they recommended this sena with the ability of also having mesh. Future proof.
I've used it 3 times so far and pleased with the sound quality and the ability to use.
Intercom is clear and the music volume will auto lower when talking via intercom.
Easy to install and not too bulky on the helmet.
Style: Single
16 May 2023 by Graham B
With a name like Sena they're going to be an excellent bit of kit. Set up is easy and sound quality really good.
Style: Dual
Great intercom system
12 May 2023 by Andy
I was advised to go for this model by a riding buddy; he, and many of our group, use the same model.
It appears well built. It is quick to charge (although the LED charge indicators are tiny). It interacts well with the SENA app and I have found that once you have been through the pairing process with another rider the subsequent pairings are really quick and easy.
As yet I have no experience of using the mesh function-although that will change next month when a load of us head off to the Alps.
In summary, a good product that's well priced, works well and makes pairing to other riders stress free.
Style: Single
15 March 2023 by AkS
Cannot complain about the sound quality, but that's not a surprise at this price point. Music sounds good, voice communication is reasonable. However, noise cancellation is poor (just noticed that it's cleverly called Noise Control). So, at motorway speed, voice wasn't always clear.

But worst thing is the app - it's so ridiculously fiddly. Takes ages, after being connected to Bluetooth, to find the device. Options are interdependent, so turning on one turns off the other but not always in an obvious way.

Upgrading the firmware was a pain. My mate using the second piece is on Linux, and hasn't managed to upgrade yet (he tried with virtual box). Apparently I can buy a special docking station to do firmware updates - that's criminal - building and selling specialised hardware because you cannot write user friendly software.

Whether I keep it depends on being able to work entirely (at least mostly) without using the app. Will try that over next few days.
Style: Dual

SENA 30K Bluetooth Headset & Intercom - Dual

  • Bluetooth and Mesh intercom system
  • Advanced noise control and built-in SBC codec for enhanced vocal clarity
  • Mesh intercom range of up to 1.2 miles, extendable to 5 miles between a minimum of 6 riders
  • Bluetooth intercom range of up to 1.2 miles in open terrain, with up to 4 riders
  • Open Mesh intercom has a virtually limitless capacity of riders, group Mesh has a cap of 24 riders
  • 9 Open Mesh intercom channels, for when riding with 2 or more larger group of ricers (over 24)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP profiles for full audio and multitasking control
  • 13-hour talk-time over Bluetooth, 8-hour talk-time using Mesh with a 1.5-hour charging time
  • Main module: 102 mm x 56 mm x 27 mm
  • Speaker Driver Unit: 40 mm - thickness 6.5 mm
  • Boom microphone: length 190 mm
  • Wire between Speakers: length 555 mm
  • Lightweight and reliable Lithium Polymer battery

This will connect to any Bluetooth intercom headset.
Requires other SENA intercoms to use Mesh technolobgy
One-click of a button instantaneously connects to a virtually limitless number of 30K users within a mile range via Mesh-network technology. With a more stable connection, the 30K also intelligently searches for intercom connections when they are lost and automatically reconnects once back in range - without affecting the rest of the group.

Sena's premium HD speakers are redesigned and optimized for both physical comfort and unmatched audio performance. Designed with a bevelled taper, the HD speakers fit easily into helmet pockets and give riders a more comfortable experience. Sena's HD speakers offer a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity.

The additional BLUETOOTH® processor also allows for Audio Multitasking™ so you can have a conversation via Mesh 2.0 Intercom while simultaneously operating Bluetooth such as streaming music, taking or making phone calls, or listening to GPS navigation.

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