Shoei Clear CJ-2 Pinlock Insert - J-Cruise / J-Cruise 2

Genuine fog resistant visor insert for Shoei helmets


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Verified Customer Reviews for Shoei Clear CJ-2 Pinlock Insert

14 reviews
Excellent for clear vision in poor conditions
18 January 2024 by Anonymous
I've had several pinlocks and wouldn't have a visor without one(at least not in our beautiful British Isles with its changeable weather). I find easy to fit, better if the little visor pin arrows are pointed inward to allow slack and then I just leave them in this position. They are a delicate piece if kit so be really delicate with them if cleaning (no scubbing, nothing abrasive, I won't use chemicals) I have pinlocks on a Shoei cruise2 and Neotec 2, they work! Again Sportsbikeshop have been an excellent supplier, highly recommended for purchases.
Pin Lock for J Cruise 2
17 October 2023 by Geoffrey J
I recently bought a new J Cruise 2 and an LS2 carbon open face helmet for my wife. the pin lock provided with the LS2 has full coverage of the visor and it is superb. the pin lock for the j Cruise only covers a small area of the shoei visor which is no where
near as good as the LS2 but having said that it does not fog up.
shame they could not include this in the box considering the cost of the Shoei.
Invaluable anti fog visor
17 October 2023 by Ian C
I've got one of these on my current helmet but I still couldn't remember how to put it on. Having inserted it the wrong way up on my new helmet, I panicked, but then realised it's flexible so was easily able to reverse the error. Sportsbikeshop video was very useful in reminding me how to get my visor off. The warning that pinlocks shouldn't be used in the dark is something that I think can be ignored. I've been using my current one in the dark for 5 years and I haven't noticed a problem. But there is a clear instruction not to, as it only provides 80 percent of light in dark if that makes sense. It doesn't make sense to me and my main concern is being fog free, which this pinlock ensures. So I'd say, watch relevant yt videos first, prepare properly, then inserting it is easy, and ignore Shoei messages about not using the pinlock in the dark.
Insert fits. It works.
25 January 2023 by Francesco F
Insert fits. It works. Came on 3rd day of ordering. It was for my Shoie J2 open face helmet. No negatives.
Game changer
21 January 2023 by Martin F
Have Pinlock's in all my helmets stops fogging up easy to fit great Shoei quality.
Great design and gorgeous colour scheme.
20 January 2023 by Trebor M
Purchased this helmet to go with my mars red bmw and wasn't disappointed, only flaw was the Pinlock had to be purchased separate.

Great service from Sportsbikeshop shop as always with prompt delivery.
Excellent product and service
08 April 2022 by John B
The Pinlock is an essentail add-on to this helmet.
Store staff at Harlow kindly fitted the insert for me.
Essential equipment
28 January 2021 by David B
Visors mist up in the rain or cold, even open face helmets. It's always been a problem. I like the safety of a Pinlock insert without messing with chemicals, it's one less thing to worry about when riding in the wet. For me now it's essential for safety; so easy to fit on a pinlock ready visor (such as my Shoei J-Cruise) click on - click off and in my opinion should be fitted as standard on all new helmet visors.
Great Product
08 September 2020 by Philip S
Great Product and prompt delivery from Sportsbikeshop.
Pinlock perfection
01 July 2020 by Jim M
A pinlock shield is a must for any helmet with a visor. Fogging and misting become a thing of the past.

I wasn't certain that I'd need a pinlock for the J-Cruise, it being 3/4 helmet with good airflow. However, there was some misting in damp conditions so I purchased a pinlock. End of problem.

Very easy to fit - just follow the instructions!
Effective and easy to fit
19 November 2018 by Patrick R
I already have a Pinlock in my full face helmet so know how effective it is (having come back to biking after a 15 year gap, forget ABS, traction control and smoother power curves, the Pinlock is the best development!). Love my J-Cruise but significant fogging issues, now sorted. Be aware when fitting you really have to bend the visor pretty flat to clip the Pinlock in - go for it, it won't break! Great field of vision still, you don't really know its there apart from the fog forming below it.
Good bit of kit
13 February 2017 by Mike
As always with a Pinlock it does the job well. I like the fact that for the J Cruise the Pinlock is large covering the entire field of vision.
Works great
22 September 2016 by Teresa S
Easy fitting and effective to prevent fogging. Highly recommended as XL visor tends to fog a lot on cold morning commutes.
Excellent service by Sportsbikeshop!
Solution to winter hazard
26 October 2015 by Mark S
Fits easily and effectively works as double glazing on helmet visor to give fog free vision.

Shoei Clear CJ-2 Pinlock Insert - J-Cruise / J-Cruise 2

  • J-Cruise
  • J-Cruise 2

Only compatible with genuine Shoei Pinlock ready visors.
This product can be used all the year round during hot and humid summer conditions and wet, cold periods. Riding with a completely closed visor in these conditions is possible without fogging-up using this product. A truly unique system that ensures you will have a clear view whatever the weather condition.


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