Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner - 400ml

Advanced O/X/Z-ring compatible water soluble chain cleaner

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Verified Customer Reviews for Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner

36 reviews
Our customers say…
Muc-Off chain cleaner has received high praise from customers for its effectiveness in removing grease, grime, and rust from bike chains. Users appreciated its ease of use, pleasant smell, and biodegradable nature. Many highlighted its efficiency with various lubes and its capability to make chains look brand new. Some noted it might require significant product usage and occasional agitation with a brush. However, the overall consensus remains positive, praising its performance and reliability.
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Seems to work well
04 June 2024 by Elliot
Seems to work well.
I don't know if it works better or worse than anything else, but I do like the look of the can. Which is obviously the most important part.
Excellent cleaner
23 May 2024 by Pete H
Great water-based cleaner, works at its best when used to regularly keep the chain clean. If the chain is really gunked up you might need a stronger spray but I like this as its easy to work with and wash off
09 October 2023 by Anonymous
Cleans the chain so great product. Does what it says.

Perfect after a wet/muddy ride!
My go-to chain cleaner
30 August 2023 by Chris
I've been using this MucOff chain cleaner for years. It works perfectly, gets all the old grease and grit off the chain in the first pass and rinses everything away with water from a hose or watering can.

I just wish the contents in each can went a bit further as I'm sure I use more of it these days than I used to. That's the only reason for 4 stars and not 5.
Basic but friendly of the bunch...
23 July 2023 by SvBiker
It's an average cleaner, requires a fair amount of product and agitation for a fairly gunked up winter lubed chain. There are stronger cleaning products but at the expense of harsh chemical compounds. I'll probably just use a cloth with something a little stronger and wipe the chain down. It doesn't need to be cleaned and agitated as intense as people are led to believe.
Good product
25 May 2023 by Anonymous
Cleans the dirt and grime off the chain with relative ease.

Works well with the other Muc-off products.
Great Chain Cleaner
07 May 2023 by Jon C
Great all round chain cleaner easy to use and does a really good job. Have been using this product for several years now also good to use a general cleaner on Sprockets ,Swing Arm and Stand.
Great Degreaser
28 March 2023 by Maciej S
Another Muc-Off quality product, cleans up grease nicely.
Easy to use
09 March 2023 by Steve B
An easy product to use to get all the gunk off your chain. Buy the lube at the same time to do the complete job.
Good chain cleaner
04 November 2022 by Anonymous
does what it says, works well
Best chain cleaner I've used
08 June 2022 by James E
Best chain cleaner I've used; whilst it's unlikely to clean the chain without some agitation from a brush (unless perhaps you're using a very thin lube and have very little grime), it does do a good job at breaking down and blasting the chain clean.
It's a fairly powerful spray, but not at all viscous - it's not like some cleaners (e.g. SDoc) where you spray it on and leave it to sit.

I'd echo what other reviewers have said though - it's easy to blast your way through this stuff pretty quickly - partly because it comes out at such a rate!

I've used it with a number of different lubes, from Muc-Off's own dry lube through to Motul's paste (which is pretty sticky/tacky) it's handled it all just as effectively
Excellent chain cleaner
15 May 2022 by Paul H
Excellent chain cleaner , it brings my DID chain up lovely & shiny
I also use it as a decreasing/ cleaner on other parts of the bike where there is stubborn greasy grime
Suprisingly good
05 May 2022 by Jack E
Didn't know what to expect having only been a motorcycle owner for a year or so and cleaning my chain myself for the first time this is the first product i have owned, but it is really effective and it will be the only one i buy!

On first spray it started to immediately run off some muck and with a cleaning tool my slightly rusted winter stored chain was completely clean.

Easy and effective product
It's a cleaner
21 April 2022 by Anonymous
Better than wd40, not as cheap, brake cleaner on a rag is my go to still though
Biodegradable and effective
31 March 2022 by Ian B
No as powerful as some chain cleaner but being biodegradable is important to us, takes a couple of applications and agitation to clean properly so it's used up pretty quickly
Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner
10 March 2022 by Andrew C
The amount I use each time, there won't be too much left but it is excellent stuff.
Cleans really well
20 June 2021 by G
Cleans really well, good smell too. It doesn't last long though, it will last you for a couple of thorough chain cleansing if you are careful.
17 June 2021 by Ian B
Very easily cleans mucky chains

Muc-Off Biodegradable Chain Cleaner - 400ml

  • Rapid grease shedding formula
  • Water soluble and biodegradable
  • Suitable for standard, O, X and Z-ring chains
  • Safe on rubber, metal and carbon fibre

Specifically formulated to remove heavy chain grime quickly and safely. The unique formula breaks down oil, grease and grime leaving the chain contaminant free. It can be used on all chain types including O-ring. Works on even the toughest of grime including chain lube/wax residue.


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