Kovix KAL Alarmed Disc Lock - Brushed Metal

Stainless steel disc lock with 120dB waterproof alarm

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Verified Customer Reviews for Kovix KAL Alarmed Disc Lock

47 reviews
15 February 2024 by Norman R
Very heavy and solidly made. Feels like it's up to the job. So far, it's been a visual deterrent. Hopefully it will stay that way.
Easy to fit and remove.
Really pleased
04 December 2023 by David B
Most reviews are positive for this item. I wanted something to fit in a tank bag and use occasionally when leaving the bike for shorter periods. The quality is above expectations and the alarm is an added deterrent. Great purchase.
Quality Disc Lock
14 November 2023 by Anthony S
A quality disc lock with a loud alarm. A quality alarm can be the difference between your bike being stolen or not
Clears ear wax
28 April 2023 by Howard H
Looks good and feels good so already happy as visually it is a deterrent to thief scum. Solid chunky piece of metal. Tested the alarm in the confines of my garage which pierced my ear drums and moved wax!
Disc lock
24 August 2022 by Jonathan P
Great purchase, loud alarm, well built, easy to use
Nice lock
09 August 2022 by Lainne O
Nice and heavy with a loud alarm, should deter any opportunists for making off with the pride and joy
Well made
01 August 2022 by Roland P
Easy to use, compact and well made. Easy to use though I haven't tried the alarm yet so no comment.
21 May 2022 by Stephen C
Great quality with extra keys a good deterrent
Nicely made
21 May 2022 by Richard W
This is a very nicely made lock - the quality of materials and manufacture is high, even down to tbe pouch it comes with. It's a first class disc lock, but I'm not sure how effective the alarm would be as a deterrent or an alert - it only sounds for 30 secs and is loud but certainly not piercing. I bought it as my bike is parked outside my bedroom window and I wanted to feel like I'd be woken if the alarm went off, but I tested it and can only barely hear it through the window, so it certainly wouldn't wake me. However it is really reassuring when parking the bike in London, both by tbe sturdiness of the lock itself and also by the alarm, so all in all, a really excellent product.
Kovix alarm disc lock
19 April 2022 by Steven T
Bought for smaller bike with small disk holes.
Works perfectly, alarm is loud enough to attract attention when activated.
The lock looks well made & feels heavy enough to be a good deterrent.
Nice Lock, A good deterrent to opportunists
04 April 2022 by David E
Nicely made lock with a reasonably loud inbuilt alarm which is about the right degree of sensitivity. Like any disc lock it won't stop a determined thief but it WILL deter an opportunist so it's a worthwhile investment. One word of warning! ITS SILVER so get yourself a reminder to hang on your clutch or brake lever because you simply can't see it that well against a brake disc! Oh and if your bike (like my 660 Trident) is short on storage space you can buy a handy bracket to fit this to yor bars or frame so it's always ready to use wherever you are.
Well Made
22 February 2022 by Andrew B
This is a very strong , well made disc lock, that would deter the casual thief. The bike would still be vulnerable to the more determined thief equipped with an angle grinder but that's another story. The lock fits the disc snugly and is easy to get on and off. I was expecting to need my ear defenders when I tested the alarm but I was disappointed at the supposed 120db sound. The beeps are louder than the alarm! Having said all that I've given it 4/5 stars because the alarm wasn't as loud as expected. I'd still recommend the product.
Solid protection
18 February 2022 by Stuart
Well made, solid and looks like it will act as a great visual deterrent and practical protection. Beautifully packaged and presented. Nice carry bag provided but like others say a shame there is no bracket to mount on the bike for storage. I will keep under the seat but it IS pretty heavy!
Sturdy and sleek - KAL14
29 December 2021 by James E
I now have two of these (the 14mm version) in my household - my partner bought one for her bike around 2 years ago, when I was in the market for one I needn't look any further - it's a reassuring chunk of steel that looks smart but feels like it would be at least something of an inconvenience for any would-be motorcycle thief - given the 10mm and 14mm versions both hold a Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold cert, it would appear the testing agrees.

According to Kovix, battery life is expected to be 8-10 months, after 24 months of constant use for my partner's, the original battery is still going strong; though we'll look to swap it out soon as there doesn't appear to be any way of telling when the battery is running low without removing it from the lock and testing with a meter - the point though, is that Kovix's estimates would appear very conservative and a battery change even once a year would be likely to cover pretty much all usage.

The lock comes with 3 keys and a small velvety drawstring storage bag.
Great product
29 December 2021 by Chris P
As soon as you pick this up you can feel the quality of this lock. The Alarm noise is more than acceptable for the size of the product .
I highly recommend.
10 December 2021 by Peter D
As described, simple to use and does it's job, changing between alarm or not was easy, the only thing to make it perfect would be if it came with a bracket, but the soft carry bag is a good compromise.
Top disc lock
30 September 2021 by David D
Quite happy with this lock, seems strong and robust ,complete with 3 keys and a good pouch for storage , 3 different sizes can be purchased which gives a very good alternative.
Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock - Awesome!
21 August 2021 by Dave C
This is truly a high end disc lock. Quality, precision engineered feel, inspires confidence when leave your bike somewhere. The siren is very loud and would deter Amy potential theft. The battery life also appears better than others I've tried.id truly recommend spending the extra as the 6mm/10mm are also insurance approved.

Kovix KAL Alarmed Disc Lock - Brushed Metal

  • Built-in 120dB alarm
  • Long battery life
  • Weatherproof electronics
  • Alarm function on/off
  • Rust prevention design
  • Steel locking pin

10mm and 14mm versions are Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold certified
Steel body and key barrel with 120dB alarm make the KD6 a strong tool to help protect your motorbike.


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