Oxford Micro XA5 Disc Lock

110dB alarmed stainless steel disc lock with 5.5mm locking pin

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Verified Customer Reviews for Oxford Micro XA5 Disc Lock

22 reviews
24 April 2024 by Phil K
Great compact lock, Quality is good and gives a robust feel to the device. Brought to carry under the seat for trips out / touring . Loud alarm if tampered with, but not over sensitive that it would go off unattended. Nice touch not having to use key to lock / arm the alarm, comes with 3 keys
Pocket disc lock and alarm
22 April 2024 by Anonymous
Small easy to carry alarmed disc lock, loud alarm. I was struggling to find an alarmed disc lock to fit on the rear disc of a BMW GS 1250
(tight for space), but this fits fine, I don't think it's so tough but it's in addition to another lock. Well worth it, and it's Oxford also comes with 3 keys charging cable and tool to charge alarm.
Oxford Micro XA5 disc lock
26 February 2024 by Phil S
Fantastic small disc lock. Easy to use, Activates on push lock so no need for keys until unlocking this device. The alarm is a good loud deterant/warning for any have a go scallies. I chose the black option as its a stealthy addition to my other locks also used.
Very loud!
20 November 2023 by Joel
Very loud and easy to trigger, which is ideal. There are products which offer more protection but this can easily fit in a jacket pocket or under the seat and popped on at a moments notice.
Great Secure Deterrent
08 October 2023 by Ellis T
This Disclock is easy to install on your your bike with a reminder cable to pop around your handlebars! You have two options, alarmed or non alarmed which notifies you of what you have chosen just by unlocking and locking the device, you will get either a blip or two blips to confirm which you have chosen. How good is that! The alarm works by setting off a warning set of blips to warn you that if you do not move away from the bike, I will scream like a banshee. The alarm is perfect for residential areas as it will warn you and the people around you that something has touched your bike. No more silent thieves, with this you can act accordingly. Team this up with a ground anchor and you have a bike that will not budge. The pricing is brilliant as well as a piece of mind. Highly recommend this to anyone with a motorcycle!
Loud and easy to use
23 September 2023 by Claire W
Very well made, as you would expect. When tested it was very piercingly loud! Which is great, as my bike alarm just quietly mummers to itself.
Super loud Oxford Micro XA5 Disc Lock
21 September 2023 by Barry C
This little alarmed disc lock Is an excellent bit of kit to protect your small motorcycle/Scoot it has an ear piecing alarm that would certainly be a deterrent to the opportunist thief. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time, all at a great price from sportsbikeshop.
Very Loud and Effective Lock
12 September 2023 by Fred R
Excellent quality disk lock with loud alarm. It is very sensitive, I set mine off taking the cover off my scooter so make sure you have your key with you if you value your hearing! Fits disks with small diameter holes including Vespa GTS. A bit fiddly to charge but shouldn't need to do it very often and keeps it secure.
Great little lock
02 August 2023 by Mark B
This lock is an excellent deterrent for my scooter. It's nice and visible in yellow and comes with a detachable lead to put on your handlebar as a reminder.
The quality is excellent and feels solid.
The alarm is unbelievably loud for such a small unit. I'm very happy with my purchase
Small, but loud Disc Lock
03 July 2023 by Lara
This is a good little lock, I use it to booby trap potential tampering with my bike before a thieves attempts to damage my security items, and it works great. It's my annoy my neighbors, but it's what I needed to alerts me of movement of my bike. It's loud enough to hear around my house, and even if it's a little sensitive, I like it that way
Great Oxford Product
08 June 2023 by Anonymous
Perfect fit on my son's Piaggio. Great 120db alarm on it too to alert you of any tampering. It will definitely make crooks think twice.
Great little lock
08 June 2023 by John P
bright colour, strong casing and easy fit on my monkey bike.
instructions are rubbish, search on YouTube for how it use. It comes with a mini minder so you don't need to buy one separately.
very sensitive and very loud! be careful of your hearing :D
Small and useful
31 May 2023 by Anonymous
This was purchased for day to day use when out and about … my Oxford monster being a little too much to carry around. It will never stop the determined thief but is one of a number of measures taken to stop my bike being taken …
Decent Scooter lock
23 May 2023 by Anonymous
Quality little lock will fit in a small scooter disc , doesn't fit rear on my gts.
Easy to use
Can lock with or without alarm set and it's rechargeable every six months .
Would've been nice to get a carry bag
Good little lock
28 October 2022 by John W
Usual quick delivery at a good price. Fits my Honda super cub.
Nice loud alarm. Purchased more for alarm than strength of security. Fitted with chain as well.
Small enough to fit in jacket pocket.
Pretty coloured locks
23 July 2021 by Anonymous
I am hoping these are never put to an attack but sensitive enough to alert me to passing cats! A good loud and visible reminder "It's Locked!". Instructions poor and locking sequence not easy to understand.
The little loud one
01 July 2021 by K.Lee
Great little alarm and a little extra deterrant . Might not stop them having it ,but make them think twice.
Excellent disk lock
10 May 2021 by Alan A
Fits perfectly great quality and very loud alarm easy to operate would highly recommend this disk lock

Oxford Micro XA5 Disc Lock

  • Loud 110dB alarm siren
  • Hardened 5.5mm locking pin
  • USB rechargable battery
  • Minder cable
  • 3 keys included

Oxford's Micro XA5 disc lock is not just tough, it's loud too. If it comes under attack, it will blast out an ear-splitting and disorientating 110dB alarm. It has a USB-rechargeable battery, comes with a coiled reminder cable which attaches to a dedicated eyelet and, most importantly, fits every type of scooter, including the Vespa PX range.


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