Helite Turtle 2 Shell Inflatable Air Vest - High Viz

Inflatable protector vest with turtle technology

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Verified Customer Reviews for Helite Turtle 2 Shell Inflatable Air Vest

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Brilliant safety product for motorcyclists
16 January 2024 by John P
The Helite Turtle 2 comes with its own protector which means you don't need a further protector in your jacket. This reduces the combined Weight of both. Fitting the tether is simple. As usual, a brilliant service from Sportsbikeshop. I've used the Helite Vest several times so far and haven't noticed the extra weight whilst wearing it. Expensive yes but what price do you put on your safety.
Hope I'll never need it!
04 December 2023 by Jessi L
Seems a bit heavy at first, but you'll soon forget you're wearing it. Simple to service at home - they even include the allen key you need to disassemble and reassemble the trigger mechanism. Trust the sizing on SBS. The size guide on the Helite website would've been way too big! Yes, it's expensive, but worth it for the peace of mind.
An excellent Air Vest
10 September 2023 by Pete C
A well made product with plenty of adjustment. It is not too intrusive and allows plenty of air flow when wearing a mesh jacket. It is expensive, but good kit always is. I can't comment on it's performance when triggered, but I am sure it will do it's job. I wasn't sure what size to get so I went to the Boston store to try a couple. As usual the service in store was excellent.
Should be mandatory kit!
06 September 2023 by Ian
I genuinely see less bikers these days wearing hi viz let alone a piece of life saving kit such as this. It's very comfortable and straightforward to use I'm surprised it's not mandatory. Personally I agonised over the price but came to my senses.. My advice .. do the same!
Life saving
31 July 2023 by Neil H
Replacement for a very old helite vest. Helite appear to have made the air bag much bigger and improved the looks. The exterior pocket is a nice addition.
Helite Turtle 2 Air Vest
12 June 2023 by Hugh T
Very high quality, im very pleased with this purchase, great service from Sportsbikeshop 10 out of 10.
I initially thought of purchasing the electronic version, but I prefer the simple robust design of the standard air bag vest. Get one.

Air bag vest
31 May 2023 by David P
After reaserching these products decided to invest in one for added protection. The vest is very sturdy and well made and initially felt heavy when lifting, but once on its very comfortable and I don't notice it when riding now. At first the Lanyard to the bike concerned me but already remembering to plug in and release. Recommended.
Helite Turtle 2 simple & life saving
10 May 2023 by Howie
Comfortable and very durable looking vest, size true to charts. Large and safe-looking back protector, I think I'll take out the back protector from the jacket to feel less bulky. The vest is heavy in the hand, but it does not feel so when I put it on.
Does not look too excessive over the jacket.
Hope to never actually test it, of course.
best investment ever
10 May 2023 by Brian H
Cannot put a price on safety - although I haven't actually needed to use it and hope I don't need to
But the feeling of the extra layer of safety is very comfortable
Comfortable to wear
Easy to fit
What price a bit more safety
17 April 2023 by John B
First class delivery as always by Sportsbikeshop. Helite vest was well packaged and came with easily understandable instructions.
Feels excellent quality and hardly noticeable when wearing it. Highly recommended for an additional peace of mind.
Safety investment
14 December 2022 by Nigel T
I found the size guide to be accurate and attaching the lanyard to the bike was a quick process. This vest was recommended at a Biker Down course I attended during which police and fire service personnel highlighted the advantages and ease of use. I hardly notice I'm wearing when riding. Get one! Oh and of course, Sportsbikeshop delivered rapidly with their usual exemplary service.
Taken the plunge
06 October 2022 by Anonymous
After much procrastination shelled out for this vest. Obviously I hope it is never needed but feels like a solid bit of kit that is well made so will be there for years to come. Out for first big ride at the weekend and honestly when you're riding you hardly know it's there
Peace of Mind
16 August 2022 by Paul R
I bought this having had a very near miss when a cyclist pulled a u-turn right in front of me as I was beginning an overtake on a country lane doing 57 mph. The consequences (for both of us) could have been horrendous.
The vest arrived the next day courtesy of Sportsbikeshop's excellent service. Wearing it, you don't notice it at all - it's comfortable, light and well fitted.
I now wear it on every ride hoping never to need it but feeling reassured that it's there should something go untoward.
life saving air vest
05 July 2022 by Roger G
You can't put a price on your life. This is an amazing vest, well made for motorcyclists. Good service from SBS who always manage to dispatch within two days.
Excellent product and first class service
22 January 2022 by OZ
I don't think I need to describe kit in detail. Everyone even considering it knows why they want it. Everyone owning it hopes they will never need it.

One thought though - I would love if we had *TWO* triggering mechanisms available - sensor on the fork *and* tether. Understandably sensor will know much earlier what happened and by the time rider flies off their seat, jacket would be fully inflated - unlike in the analog version which would help better in case bike was hit from behind.

Material is a little disappointment. Considering this piece is supposed to be worn on the outside, it is directly exposed to all the gunk and dirt - after a week of riding I found nasty patches on it already. I would prefer it to be made of something that can be scrubbed hard with the mild soap and still remain reasonably waterproof (to soak up less of the black street water).

I found the sizing a little off (ordered LL as per measurement) but since I was at the lowest (tighest) setting right off the bat, I decided to chat to the lovely folks in Milton Keynes branch. Amazing lad came to help, spent some 10 minutes with me, and I replaced the shell with the size L, which I can slightly adjust for my winter, puffed-up attire, and go down in summer.

Thanks for everything, I am always happy I chose to buy from here.
Excellent service and product
11 November 2021 by Ben H
I spoke to the guys at sports bike shop as I was interested in improving my safety as I ride all year round in all weathers.

the guys provided me with information and details so I could make an informed decision.

Once I decided that the helite was the way forward due to its robustness, high quality, hi visibility and comfort, the guys at SBS were very happy to help and get the product to me asap .

Since getting the helite I have worn it every day whether its my 3 mile daily commute or my 125 miles pleasure rides. The extra feeling of safety should you need it, is second to none and you really turn heads with the hi vis version.

I have already forgot to unclip it when getting off the bike and it does not deploy ( so no worries there )

Excellent service and an excellent product - highly recommend and would not be without one ever again.
Must Have Piece of Kit
03 November 2021 by Anonymous
Great piece of kit, easy to use and the fit was spot on the velcro straps allow you to alter if necessary; I don't find it uncomfortable to wear. when riding.
Superb Piece of Kit
25 October 2021 by Chris W
It takes a bit of getting used to with the extra weight but the feeling of protection that it gives you makes it so worth it and you quickly get used to it. I initially bought the wrong size but Sportsbikeshop quickly changed it and I was up and running. Superb service as always with these guys!

Helite Turtle 2 Shell Inflatable Air Vest - High Viz

  • Polyester with PVC coating construction
  • 3D air mesh panels in back to promote air circulation
  • Quick fastener on front
  • 1 external pocket
  • Turtle Air-Bag
  • Inflates completely within 0.1 seconds
  • Extensive protection is given to the back, neck, coccyx, ribs and chest
  • CE level 2 back protector installed
  • Canister and lanyard included

Size Guide
Height (Feet)5.0"-5.5"5.3"-5.7"5.5"-6.0"5.5"-6.0"5.8"-6.3"5.8"-6.3"
Waist (Inches) with usual riding attire35"-39"37"-43"39"-47"47"-55"41"-45"45"-53"

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Does this come with a cannister?

    March 9, 2023

    This is supplied with a canister.

  • The size chart here: is this the chest size under my leathers or over the top of them? Thanks, Richard

    June 4, 2019

    You must measure your body dimensions with your motorcycle gear on. A more detailed size chart is available on Helite's website.

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