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Customers consistently praise the heavy-duty chain and padlock for its robust build and great value. They appreciate its versatility, noting it can secure bikes to fixed objects and also function as a disc lock. The chain’s length and protective covering are commonly highlighted, though some mention it might not deter highly determined thieves. Overall, it’s considered a solid, reliable deterrent and provides peace of mind for securing valuable items.
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Oxford HD chain
06 June 2024 by Ian T
Needed a new chain and lock for a second bike I've just bought. This fitted the bill, long enough to chain both bikes together and lock seems solid. Would definitely offer a strong deterrent to would-be thieves and a challenge to those who attempt it !! Good value for money
Good sturdy chain
23 May 2024 by Dan
A great chain and lock combo. Lock is sold secure silver scooter, but same as the one sold separately which is sold secure gold, so all good there. Chain is about as heavy as you would want to go to keep it portable enough to use out and about and solid enough for robust home use, chunky enough to give a thief a decent challenge.

Lock has a smooth action and isnt a rough keyway mechanism, but I will lubricate it occasionally to keep it so.
Good long 2m chain
08 May 2024 by Ciaran N
Very good and heavy duty. Needed the 2m to give me room to get under my Oxford ground anchor and in through my back wheel.
May buy the thicker linked chain the next time. But this one was perfect for the price.
Decent length chain and lock
22 April 2024 by Karl T
Needed to lock two bikes together. This chain was the ideal length (2m). Chain seams study enough and lock can also be used as a disc lock. Good value.
Solid chain and good value
16 April 2024 by Mark W
Using this to secure my bike with a ground anchor. The sleeve protects the bike from scratches and the lock mechanism opens and closes smoothly. Easy to use!
Nice shorter chain
12 April 2024 by Jen B
I wanted a chain that wasn't so long so that I can carry it in a backpack without the weight of my 2m chain. The chain is sturdy and long enough that it isn't fiddly to put round the wheel
Basic lock and chain for use with Ground Anchor.
22 March 2024 by Michael O
A basic chain and lock-set for use to discourage casual theft of a low monetary but high sentimental value bike.
SBS have a good order fulfilment and delivery service at competitive prices.
16 March 2024 by Michal M
Great chain and lock, will take a while to cut through this thick metal, the sleeve is smooth and doesn't scratch the wheel.
15 March 2024 by Samuel B
Very sturdy and reliable for the price definitely worth getting if your a new rider like myself.
Happy Medium
11 March 2024 by Arthur R
This lock sits in the middle of the size range between locks too heavy and cumbersome to carry on the bike and those offering insufficient deterrent to a bike thief. Very good quality and the price and service from Sportsbikeshop were brilliant as always.
Good quality
23 February 2024 by Darren
Hopefully I won't find out how good it will be. Very pleased.
Quality item as expected
21 February 2024 by Pedro C
My second HD chain, this time in a longer more useful size.

The lock itself works well and of the typical Oxford quality, and the 2m chain is about as heavy as expected and very useful size for a garage.
Very good quality lock and chain
13 February 2024 by Darren P
Good price with quick delivery. Great quality.
Oxford HD chain
02 February 2024 by Brian H
Heavier than expected, but this is a positive comment, the heavier the better. Perfect length and very easy to use.
Travel chain
17 January 2024 by Brandon J
Bought this chain to keep on the back of the bike when travelling. Not the thickest but its light enough to be transported. The shackle lock is big enough to double up as a disk lock giving added security
Much better than standard chains
16 January 2024 by Barry G
A reasonably priced Theft Deterant! - well made extra strong Chain With a Shackle Lock! -
Oxford Heavy duty Chain
11 December 2023 by Gary H
Its a 2 metre length heavy duty chain, I'm not sure if its hardened but its just another layer of defence in my garage where I have a ground anchor.
The padlock can also be used without the chain as a disc lock and is easy to carry with you.
I would recommend, for this price it seems great value
Good value for money
05 December 2023 by Karine M
Chunky enough for me. Another layer of defence. This chain and lock with brake lever lock, disk lock, alarm/cut out, locked garage, locked gate and car parked in front of that should encourage the thieves to go somewhere else.

Oxford HD Chain

  • Sold secure bronze
  • Hardened 9.5mm square link chain
  • Tough double locking padlock
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • 360 degree rotating lock head
  • Padlock can be used as a disc lock on its own

Oxford offer a range of security products which have been tested and approved to various international security standards. Motorcycle theft remains a growing problem, both in the UK and abroad. Every year more motorcycles are stolen, more motorcyclists are disappointed and inconvenienced and even more is spent on anti-theft insurance policies.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • How long is the Oxford HD Chain?

    January 31, 2023

    This chain is available in 1.0m, 1.5m, and 2.0m lengths.

  • Hi, would this chain be able to be used with Oxford Boss 14mm lock?

    March 13, 2018

    Our supplier have confirmed that the Oxford Boss Padlock will be a suitable replacement for the padlock provided with this chain.

  • How heavy is this chain and lock?

    July 23, 2012

    The weights of the Oxford HD Chains are as follows:

    1.0m 2.6kg 1.5m 3.6kg 2.0m 4.6kg

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