HJC R-PHA 91 - Pearl White

Aerodynamic and lightweight helmet with noise reducing liner, interior sun visor and eyewear grooves

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Verified Customer Reviews for HJC R-PHA 91

11 reviews
01 July 2024 by Stuart L
I had to wait a month for delivery but I was happy to do so for the price that I paid. The helmet is well finished and it is a premium helmet from a mainstream manufacturer. The optics are great with wide visibility of both visors. The flip is easy to operate. The main visor has a very simple release operation and is just as easy to get back on. No issues yet with the pin lock. The venting is superb. You can tell which vents are open and they are not for show. The main vent is especially good with a significant airflow. I am still bedding the helmet in. I have a round head and it is tight on my forehead. However this has happened before and I would rather take my time bedding it in than have a loose helmet.
Better than a shuberth/shoei
23 June 2024 by Colin P
I have had the top selling high branded helmets but none have fitted as good as the HJC! No optional extra cheek pads needed for even more monet!
I have always gone for big brand names rather than what is best for comfort!
This HJC was instantly comfortable as soon as I put it on. A great sun visor field of vision is also excellent.
I would highly recommend you give HJC a try.
Purchased when on offer
13 June 2024 by Anonymous
Nice replacement for my rpha 70
Very let down.
10 June 2024 by Richard S
Purchased this on my 50th Birthday. It felt comfortable in the shop, I liked the sun visor and flip-top function. However, after around a week, the pressure on the middle of my forehead started giving me headaches, and I couldn't wear it for more than 20 minutes. Unfortunately, by this time, SBS were unable to take it back, so I sold it on ebay, taking a massive loss. Feel very let down by the whole experience.
Great Service from SBS.
31 May 2024 by Vladimir
Of course it is 5 stars, the cheapest price I could find in UK. it was said that the helmet is available in required size, however, email later said it will be in stock in 3 weeks which was upsetting. Saying that, the helmet turned up 3 days later, great. Helmet itself, as expected - good and what I needed. Thanks SBS!
HJC R-PHA 91 - Pearl White
24 May 2024 by Michael N
After reading many reviews on different helmets I decided to go for the R-PHA 91. More due to the discount SBS were offering and the offer of reduced wind noise. Helmet is comfy although finding it does push a bit tight on my glasses legs but once out on bike seems fine.
Top vent is excellent, other 3 dont let in much air especially the mouth one. Noise reduction isn't noticeable compared to my last scorpion exo -tech although I'm sure some boffin will say otherwise. Flip up mechanism works well, Visor makes a solid click when shut which I like. Sun visor does drop a little and needs pushed up every so often but when down and in use absolutely fine.
The HJC logo was peeling off so I just removed it. Looks better!
All in all really happy with the helmet plus it does have a slight pearlescent sparkle to it which makes it look a lot better.
Excellent helmet, but leaked
25 April 2024 by Paul
I bought this helmet to replace my Schuberth c3. Read lots of reviews and took the plunge.
Pro's The fit seemed quite snug at first so much so I went to Leeds to try next size up, which was way too big. After a couple of months of use it is now very comfortable. This helmet does not steam up in the slightest unlike my Shoei neotec 2. The sun visor is good and it opens quite easily once I got used to lock position. All in all very pleased, however
Con's after a couple of months I noticed drips of water running down the inside of the visor. I sent it back to SBS who sent it to Oxford helmets for inspection. If was returned to me stating no fault found. After trying it again it still leaked, so I returned it again and after inspection it was found to be faulty. But no explanation of fault given.
On my closer inspection I noticed the seal did not sit correctly at the top of visor.
I have yet to try this new one but I love the helmet and hope it does not leak.
SBS were very helpful and had no issues with returning the item for test.
Expensive for what it is
11 December 2023 by David M
I wouldn't have paid the rrp of £500 for this helmet although it is good. At the discounted price it's a better deal. I bought it as a replacement for an old HJC IS2max and compared to that the RPHA91 feels flimsy and the chinbar mechanism isn't tight and actually rattles. The chinbar itself is very thin and doesn't inspire much confidence. The sun visor is very good.
The helmet seems quiet enough and the visor seal is pretty good keeping out 90% of a downpour. The supplied visor insert does the job as you'd expect. the SENA built HJC bluetooth unit fits ok although the neck curtain doesnt fit back on very well and keeps popping out at the back (the neck curtain was also an issue with the IS2max so it's an HJC issue not just this helmet)
all in all I'm happy with it at the price I got it for
Fantastic HJC R-PHA 91
17 November 2023 by Chris
All the functions on this helmet are great. Visor has many increments, All the vents work really well. The Flip Up is great works very well, clever engineering. Really luxuriously comfortable and quiet too.
New helmet time
12 August 2023 by Robert M
After 30 years plus of BMW/Schubert helmets I went for a HJC. For some reason the new BMW System 7 Evo no longer fits me in my size. The new Evo has the new standard & MIPS, shell is bigger as well. No longer made by Schubert, I assume the shape and fit has changed. So by default I went to get a C5. However even the C5 had changed as well. After some research and trying few other brands I came across the HJC 91. Reviews were positive. Fit was perfect, the 54/55 fits me like the old System 6 Pro. No need to adjust any pads. In one of the reviews it also came out as the quieter helmet ahead of C5 & Neotech 2. Comes with the latest standard as well.
Had now used the helmet over 1000miles, on a R1250RS.
The good:
Fit is perfect, noise level is much better than the System 7.
The inner sun visor can be adjusted in 3 positions and in the liver position tilts away from your face.
The chin curtain has a spring so when you pull down the chin piece it doesn't hit your chin.
Top vent is super.
Haven't been in the rain yet so can't comment on the performance, but has a pin lock as standard.
The inner pads are on par with the C5.
Can fit coms on either side.
5 years warranty.
The bad:
The straps are short, on the C5 are much better and cover the underside of your chin.
The chin vent and the brow vent don't seem to be very effective. The brow went mimicking the Arai set up it's useless.
Heavier than the System 7 by 50gr.
Doesn't come with any coms, but you can get the Sena/HJC set up which fits the helmet. I don't use any so it's not a issue for me.
Price. The shop gave a good discount and the price was on par with the C5, but the C5 has coms prepared, It's cheaper than a System 7.
Going for a HJC was a leap of faith. Never heard of the brand before. The 5 year warranty it's reassuring. Until I have more time with the helmet I gave a Good rating.
Rainow helmet
21 July 2023 by Chris S
Nice helmet, very comfy with low wind noise. Bad points:
Visor is a bit loose and will drop down with gust of wind if just cracked open, cardo had to be stuck on due to inbuilt sena system and lastly, over £90 more for this colour??? Why???

HJC R-PHA 91 - Pearl White

  • Premium Integrated Matrix EVO construction with carbon-aramid hybrid and natural fibre
  • Aerodynamic design shell reduces air resistance for stability at high speed
  • Full front-to-back airflow with 5 intakes and 7 exhausts
  • Pinlock Ready HJ-37 visor provides 99% UV protection with anti-scratch coating
  • Quick, simple and secure visor ratchet system
  • Adjustable 3-step internal sun visor
  • Interior anti-bacteria fabric with enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying function
  • Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable
  • Grooves to accommodate eyewear
  • Ready for 21B & 50B Bluetooth (sold separately)
  • Standard ECE 22.06

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

The new Premium Integrated Matrix EVO shell (P.I.M. EVO) provides enhanced shock-resistant performance and is lightweight by using reinforcement materials that include carbon-aramid, carbon fiber, glass fiber, organic non-woven fabric, and linen fiber (natural fiber). The new distortion-free, HJ-37 face shield and HJ-V17 sun shield provide a clear and increased peripheral view for the rider. the chin bar locking system now has a hidden closure point that allows for smooth contact and less pressure on the cheek area. Keeping noise levels to a minimum is the RPHA 91 3D-engineered low-noise interior that is focused to reduce road noise significantly. Also Included with this is the neck roll system to ensure you drown out the noise. For convenience, the EPS design accommodates riders with eyewear. The RPHA 91 will also accept the second-generation Smart HJC Bluetooth systems.

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