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Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 31 reviews

Our price $9.23
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Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
June 10, 2020

Good product

Good product and an alternative to spray can.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
June 3, 2020

Excellent Lube

Does what it promises. No sling whatsoever. That and there's no risk of getting lube on my driveway unlike the spray on lubes.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 22, 2020

Way better than spray on lube

I use this on all my bikes now. Much easier to apply than the spray on type and it sticks really well to the chain. No more chain grease flinging all over your bike!

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 10, 2020

Good stuff

Converted to paste after trying out this. Have always used sprays, but just ends up being messy. This stuff sticks on well and you can spray some WD on top to help out.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
January 23, 2020

Quality product!

Really love this product, I've tried countless chain lubes over the year only to have to clean off the fling relentlessly (OCD) and get increasingly frustrated with the lack of products available which lubricate well in the wet British weather but also prevent rusting. I've been using Wurth High Performance wax for about 3 years but the cans don't last me long as I need to reapply regularly to keep a good coat and prevent rusting of the chain. Absolutely delighted with this product, it does the job of the Wurth wax but better! It also has no fling which is very important to me, easily visible when on the chain and ensures a proper covering, and lasts a good mileage too considering I use this bike in all weather. Very happy, won't be going back to Wurth at this rate, we'll done Motul!

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
January 11, 2020

Great chain lubrication

Easy to use and no wastage like you get with spray can line.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
December 16, 2019

Great stuff

Goes on thickly, didn't use the attached brush just an old toothbrush and it's great

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
October 16, 2019


Used it once but can't fault it, easy to apply, only took me a couple of minutes to do the chain, the nice thing was when I went out on the bike the next day, I got home and there was no fling! So far well impressed, will see how it fairs through the winter months.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
September 4, 2019

Proper Motul quality

Long lasting, resistant and appropriate lubrication for the chain. Can't believe people would still install that tricky scottolier to mess up with the air intake system of the bike when a product like this is available.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
July 24, 2019

Very good stuff!

Don't be put off by the people complaining about the brush. Whilst I can see they're point, I'm not sure how Motul would actually be able to create a 90 degree brush. What they've provided is perfect for applying it to the chain and it's not much effort to get to the other side of the chain - no more than it would be if you were using spray lube and a straw! If you don't like using the provided brush, you could just unscrew it and use whatever application method you prefer. Anyway, about the product itself. I've tried SO many lubes; dry lube, wet lube, chain wax, wd40 etc etc. So far, this is my favourite. What I don't understand is why there is no fling?! It sticks to the chain like glue but also resists dirt. I like it, a lot. Also, from a economical aspect, it's about the same price as a tin of dry lube but it will last a lot longer! One of these tubs will certainly last a season. Do not be concerned by the size of the tub, which is actually bigger than I expected. To help you understand my situation, I have a 1290 Superduke R and will probably do between 7-9k miles in a season.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
July 21, 2019


Very good lube, highly recommend it. Alittle goes along way.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
January 22, 2019

Great alternative to spray-ons

I commute all year round 250+ miles per week, clean and re-lube the chain at least every 2 weeks, and can easily say the paste is great. Don't be fooled by a small package - it's very efficient when applying (especially after a good clean and rinse first - easy to see where you applied and where missed). So far a tube seems as long-lasting as a 400ml spray-on lube. Small enough to take in for longer touring, too! Would have been 6 stars if the brush was at 90 degrees angle, but still good as is.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
November 19, 2018

Very Impressed

In my opinion as good as and maybe a bit better than the factory line. Much less fling and no waste on application, nothing wrong with the application brush provided but I use a small piece of sponge that I feel does a better job. Maybe a little expensive at first glance in comparison quantity wise but easy to control exactly how much you use and where it goes. After using this I doubt I'll use the spray on variety again and if you are such inclined you could even stash this easily for travelling for use on the road.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 28, 2018

Great product

Tried lots of different chain lube. This has least fling which is great. Only downside there don't seem that much of it in tube. Great product though quite pricey.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 18, 2018

Great product

Does what it says on the tin.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 3, 2018

Good product

Cleaned my chain then applied this paste. It's nice an thick goes on white so you can see where you have missed. Stays on too. Doesn't fling off. Doesn't leave the chain looking all sparkly and shiny due to it not be like an oil but def protects and lubes it which is the main reason I bought it.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 3, 2018

Amazing product

I have a MT07 with a chain that requires maintenance on a daily basis in the winter. Otherwise it sounds like a bag of spanners. And after a winter that has gone on far to long I have finally found a product that actually lasts longer than one down pour. Easy to apply and a little goes a long way and it makes the ride smoother. I will definitely use this from now on. No more sprays that's for sure.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 3, 2018

Best lube

Best lube for your chain and no mess around.

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
May 2, 2018

Easy and handy

Great product, the brush makes it easy to apply, so far looks like its doing a good job. My chain was starting to get a few rust marks, which disappeared after a good clean and a good spread of this on top. Been to London and back from Bristol, my chain looks all good !

Motul C5 Chain Paste - 150ml
February 15, 2018

Seems to work, easy to apply

Seems like a sensible product to me. Time will tell, but it's easy enough to apply (I found the brush fine) and stays on for a while, visibly at least, presumably in reality for longer. Particularly when the roads are wet and salty this seems a good solution to me. Quick easy delivery and best price from SBS.

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