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Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 13, 2016

Saves your ears

These work really well cutting the wind noise down but still allowing me to hear my intercom. The key ring holder is great as well as you never lose them. A quick clean every now and again and they are as good as new.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 13, 2016


They are easier to use, but they could be better. I didn't find a great deal of difference in sound insulation than normal sponge ear plugs.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 11, 2016

They do the job promised

Very comfortable with a very nice case for protecting them.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 10, 2016

They're good, but not magic

A good quality reusable ear plug with a handy key ring container. If you read the blurb they sound like a miracle, cutting out the unwanted noise but allowing normal conversation and siren noise through. This is true to a certain extent, but not completely. You still get wind noise although reduced to a more comfortable level. You can talk to people, but it is slightly muffled. I do agree with the siren info. On my second ride wearing these I had an ambo in traffic behind me and the siren noise was clear. All in all, a comfortable, if pricey ear plug that doesn't cut you off from the outside World. If I lost one would I buy them again? Probably, yes.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 8, 2016

Bite the bullet, its worth it

For years I've bought boxes of 200+ disposables, cheap and work for commuting. But if you want to hear a Sat-Nav clearly these plugs really work well ....and not at the expense of damaging your hearing. Comfort good for me all day. Glad I bit the cost bullet.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
April 21, 2016

A smal masterpice

A bit expensive but in terms of what they achieve it is worth the price. Works very well to dampen wind noise, and the internal sound from headset is much clearer than driving with ordinary plugs. The only problem as I see it is to remember to put them in the can when I'm not using them.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
April 18, 2016

Don't be put off by the price

I can't believe how good these are. They're unobtrusive, and do the job. Got so fed up with cheap ear plugs falling out all the time that I had to seek an alternative. I initially balked at these because of the price but am glad I bit the bullet and bought them. The keyring case is a nice touch as well.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
April 9, 2016

Very comfortable, good fit

Very comfortable, good fit they do not fall out when I remove my helmet. I ride with a Sena head set fitted to the helmet which I was going to remove due to the wind noise it generates but now with the ear plugs the wind noise if much more tolerable. The old cheap disposable plugs muffled the sounds, these reduces the sound without leaving you with that bunged up feeling. The storage case is a excellent touch.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
April 4, 2016

Comfortable, effective and great case for storage

Having only used the cheap multi pack ear plugs in the past means these are vastly superior. They primarily are much more comfortable and do not fall out your ear. The keyring case that stores the earplugs is very useful as I now always have them with me!

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
March 14, 2016

So far so good

They are a little tricky to judge how far in they should go since you're still able to hear some outside noise, if it hurts it is in too far ;) They are comfortable and do let you hear the engine and other people. Also, with them on you don't really hear your own head working like any other ear plugs. So they are very good just a bit on the expensive side but I have noticed that my tinnitus has gone down since wearing them therefore well worth the cost.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
March 1, 2016

Work well

These somehow work brilliantly, the eliminate the wind vibes and the frequencies that would otherwise damage your hearing. Yet allow you to hear people speaking and the noise from your exhaust etc and other vehicles etc. I went out the other day for quite a long ride and it was a fairly windy day. When I got home I didn't have no ringing in my ears or any signs of fatigue that I'd usually associate with the wind. I have a nasty bent cauliflower ear on one side too yet these still fit snugly enough and remain lightweight to feel like they're not there. I'd recommend these to anyone. And as usual great service from the guys at Sportsbikeshop.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
January 14, 2016

They are comfy

First time I have bought ear plugs, so nothing to compare to. They are comfy and seem to block out a lot of engine and wind noise. Best thing is the aluminium case they come in, it is now my key ring so I never lose them.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
December 31, 2015

Good product

Good product - does what it says. I use it everyday and I can hear the music/calls through the Bluetooth speakers clearly. The only con is that it is quite an expensive product. Let's see how long these last.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
November 3, 2015

Expensive but effective, I hope

These ear plugs do appear to work well. I was able to note the drop in wind and engine noise but could still easily hear both my observer on debriefings without removing my helmet (flip lid) or ear plugs. I could also hear the in helmet intercom for the phone. They do appear a little expensive and I say 'I hope' they are effective because obviously I am trusting the science that the manufacturer is selling to me. It is for the price and the science that infers I will not be suffering from noise induced hearing loss in a decades time that I remove one star.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
November 3, 2015

Very good

I use these on most rides and find them comfortable. It is still possible to listen to music and Sat-Nav instructions whilst reducing wind noise to an acceptable level.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
October 7, 2015

Brilliant but

The ear plugs really do what they say. No wind noise but can still hear important things like intercom / cars etc. The but is that once in they are really difficult to get out. The little bits on the end need to be 5mm longer. Have had to use tweezers and my wife to get them out!

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
October 6, 2015

Effective and comfortable

Easier to fit and more comfortable to wear them foam ear plugs. They reduce wind noise to a comfortable level. Money well spent.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
July 11, 2015

Quite expensive but very effective

Good at removing painful noise when riding hard on the motorcycle. Excellent as you can hold normal conversation with them in place - does as it says on the tin.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
July 8, 2015

Very good

I find these to be a really nice and comfortable fit on me, and the material they're made from is very soft and pliable. The little aluminum tube they come with is handy as it can be attached to your key ring. Seem to do a nice job of blocking out wind noise whilst also allowing you to hear the engine, music, and people talking to you.

Auritech Biker Ear Plugs
May 12, 2015

Almost there

Can be a bit fiddly to clean if they get dirty, but work brilliantly when they're in.

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