TecMate OptiMate 3 x2 Twin Battery Optimiser (SAE)

Diagnoses, recovers, charges & maintains two batteries safely


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Verified Customer Reviews for TecMate OptiMate 3 x2 Twin Battery Optimiser (SAE)

30 reviews
Optimate twin optimiser
26 April 2022 by Steve T
Great service from sportsbikeshop as usual.
Fitted the SAE connectors to both my bikes & put straight to use with ease.
An excellent product which can also be used on vehicles as has 2 crocodile clip connectors included.
Quality product
09 April 2021 by Darren E
Easy to use charger with long leads. Would definitely buy again.
Very Happy
05 April 2021 by Kenneth B
This is an excellent product, quality, it is being used to charge two of my obikes, I like that it can help improve battery on the bikes, very easy to use, and display lets you know when charged, which one is not fully charged, I am happy to recommend this, and this is the second Optimate 3 x2 charger that I am using as I have a third bike to charge, so no better recommendation than that
2 bikes..This is the one to have..
01 February 2021 by Owen R
I've had many chargers in the past.Cheaper but nowhere near as good.TechMate is the choice.
Double battery charger
29 January 2021 by Scott L
Excellent item great quality comes with all you need charge two bikes at the same time i even charge the car as well at one point would recommend
Brilliant bit of kit
11 December 2020 by Andrew D
Good offer, fast delivery.

The charger itself is good. Plug it in, boom it up to bikes, walk away. Can't really say much other than that! Charge two at once instead of buying two setups
Makes life easy
19 October 2020 by Jack A
I can now charge my motorbike and a spare battery at the same time. It's nice not having to worry about battery maintenance on top of all the other things. Very easy to read and has all the accessories you need.
Great two bike charger
31 July 2020 by Brian S
Seems to be a great product to charge both of my bikes at the same time. Very easy to understand the interface and can tell at a glance if there would be any problems. Usual great service from Sportsbikeshop.
Quality charger
08 May 2020 by Mr B
Oh, the joy of not having to keek swapping charger lead over from one bike to another. Should have bought this sturdy simple charger before.
Very pleased
22 November 2019 by Jason P
Highly recommend this charger. Handy if your keeping 2 bikes on charge. Well made, quick charging and all the battery leads you need included .
Hassle free battery maintenance
21 November 2019 by Daniel K
Really good product. Comes with two flying leads to attach to your bikes which is great. Also comes with two sets of crocodile clip attachments for batteries that are removed from bikes. My gsxr has a battery about 2 years old fitted. I thought it was still working as new. The optimate thought otherwise and performed a couple of charge cycles before maintaining. There is now a noticeable difference when cranking the bike. It has definitely recovered the battery back to as new condition. Well worth the investment. If you are charging two bikes at once I would recommend a 4 metre extension cable for one of the bikes as the standard cable length is too short unless you have the bikes very close side by side. As usual next day delivery from sports bike shop is fantastic.
Exceeded expectations
03 October 2019 by Vaidas J
Really high quality charger, simply just plug in and it does the rest.
Built really well and cables are long enough for both bikes to be charged at the same time.
Really happy with that charger. Well worth the money.
Great Value
07 February 2019 by Steve
I was looking at paying 80 quid for a new battery for my ZX12-R so I bought this charger unit. It not only allows me to charge two of my bikes at the same time but it also brought my old Yuasa battery back to life. I paid £93 for the charger but by the time I cancelled out the cost of a new battery I effectively ended up with an Optimate 3 for £13. Oh, and by the way, it's a great piece of kit.
18 January 2019 by Kevin H
Fantastic piece of kit. Great to be able to hook up both bikes at the same time. Also impressed that the charger managed to rescue a battery that my old charger had given up on so it has paid for itself already. Can't recommend this enough or explain why I didn't buy one earlier.
Great for multi bike owners!
18 January 2019 by Tony W
Id highly recommend one of these if you own a couple of bikes. It makes life nice and easy,just plug em both in and youre ready to go whenever. Ride safe!
Excellent product
16 January 2019 by Anonymous
Works as described, very effective!
So good I have two
02 December 2018 by David V
A great product, sold by a great retailer, offering great customer service.
27 November 2018 by Philip R
Space saving and brilliant . After buying a second bike and not wanting two differnt machines plugged in and multiple wires crossing the garage floor this device is brilliant comes with all equipment needed and saves plug space and room .plus Sportsbikeshop excelled them selves again as it arrives before the estimated date .
Thanks guys

TecMate OptiMate 3 x2 Twin Battery Optimiser (SAE)

  • AGM / MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 3Ah to 50Ah
  • 7 stage fully automatic programme control
  • 0.30A @ 240V maximum input current
  • 2 x 0.8A output current
  • Precise microprocessor control
  • Running cost of less than one pound per year
  • Fitted with a UK plug UKCA

OptiMate 3 x2 - The unique affordable 7-step, twin battery optimiser, specially designed for two modern 12V starter batteries from 2.5 to 50 Amp-hours capacity. Ideal for motorcycles, ATVs, jet-skis etc.

Twin charging station desgined to charge two batteries simultaneously

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Is this suitable for car batteries as well ?

    March 13, 2017

    Our supplier advises that the charger should be suitable for most car battery applications up to 50ah requirements.

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