HJC R-PHA 70 - Shuky Red

Lightweight carbon hybrid touring helmet with internal sun visor and wide anti-fog visor

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Snug Fit
24 February 2024 by Melanie H
Have worn HJC helmets for many years and they are great quality. The RPHA 70 has the inner tinted visor, Pinlock and lots of vents but note they are snug fitting with the cheek pads being quite firm. Am hoping these will bed in with wear.
Great premium helmet
20 February 2024 by Jacob
Great premium helmet, finish is quality and so is the design. Liner and foam feel plush and brand is reliable.

SBS service was 5* as always
Great helmet - Great fit
16 January 2024 by Anonymous
Good quality light helmet - I had an older HJC flip front before and like the brand HJC. This one seems really good with some nice features like the positive snap shut visor and the detail around the vents. Hoping it will be much quieter than my other helmets due to the good snug fit of the padding. Internal sunglasses have a nice actuation mechanism
HJC R-PHA 70 - Helmet
11 January 2024 by Anonymous
A great helmet, quiet and comfortable
Good option for glasses wearers
05 December 2023 by Jack P
Very impressed with this helmet. I wear glasses and after removing the ear pads, they fit great. No issues when using the internal sun visor either. (Recommend removing breath guard if wearing glasses).
Feels very premium and worth it for the relatively low cost compared to the bigger name brands.
Great helmet as expected
04 November 2023 by Simon
What a great helmet an upgrade in a previous HJC - it's so quiet and fits perfectly snug. The visor mechanism is smooth and much easier to operate.. all round great helmet
HJC RPHA 70 Carbon
20 October 2023 by Neville G
Fantastic helmet, that is light and comfortable to wear all day. I recently did a 430 mile day while wearing this and got off the bike feeling like I'd never had a lid on my head.

I bought this to replace my Arai Dark Citizen lid, which cost far more, and although more plush inside, weighs a tonne.

The fit, finish and sound proofing are all good - this is my second HJC helmet and it won't be the last.

My Sena 50R intercom fitted easily and the speakers were far enough away from my ears to avid contact all day.

Overall, I am delighted with my new HJC.
Style: Reple Carbon Black
Surprisingly, very, very good.
19 October 2023 by Steve
1st non Arai lid I have purchased in 20 years. £249 in the sale, feels more like a £500 helmet.
Very light, did a 6 hour ride with it on the 1st wear. Minimal neck ache. Vents are well placed and kept me cool in the heat. Visor mechanism is excellent and, came with a pinlock insert. The drop down sun visor is a revelation, so easy to use, great when filtering on a hot day.
The only thing I missed from my Tour X4 was the peak, riding west into late afternoon sun. That being said, if I went for a long ride today, I'd be grabbing the HJC. Great bit of kit.
Great helmet
14 October 2023 by Simon
Really like this helmet. Fits well with good ventilation.

SBS were really helpful in sizing too.
Looks and feels great, go up ONE SIZE
03 September 2023 by Nicholas S
My previous helmet was an HJC it was a comfortable fit at Large 59-60 (as all my helmets are), I bought this in same size and I nearly couldn't get it on my head, go one size up. I got XL and it's still snug but feels right. Lovely helmet the Matt finish looks amazing, the vents are really easy to use and all the materials are top quality. I've taken one star off because so far the pinlock hasn't worked very well and I can't seem to close the visor fully without steaming up, so I will have to try adjusting.
Great helmet
23 August 2023 by David R
Third HJC I've bought. Highly recommended. Had problem with this Kate's one which Sportsbikeshop sorted impressively quickly.
HJC R-PHA 70 - Shuky Blue
17 August 2023 by James M
Delighted with this helmet, great price, good ventilation and comfortable from the off.
Lightweight and looks great.
Hjc helmet
26 July 2023 by David L
Great fit tighter than expected worn it around the house moulding into my head with wearing , excellent quality yet to try it out on the bike but lighter than my shoei neotec as expected and pin lock included quality belays the price would recommend

HJC RPHA 70 Carbon
15 July 2023 by Steve A
I usually wear shoei or AGV so this purchase was a bit of a gamble for me.
Quality is good, nice and light and has a premium feel to it.
Fitting is quite snug compared to a shoei, so something to bear in mind. Not as quiet as I had hoped but better than my last modular helmet that let in too much noise.
Style: Reple Carbon Black
Comfortable and great value
12 July 2023 by Scott
This was a replacement for my RPHA-70 Gaon which my girlfriend dropped 15 months into its life…
This is a 'cheaper' version that I found but there is no compromise in quality, the comfort is perfect and the vents keep the lid nice and cool in the summer. The integrated pin lock and sun visor are great additions and I can wear my glasses without them becoming uncomfortable. I haven't quite worn it in yet but there are no pressure points and I haven't experienced any discomfort. I went for the same size as previously and it is a perfect fit as expected. I really like the matt titanium colour too. The only difference with the previous version is that the pin lock was already installed in the Gaon version but I did buy it from a different store. Changing the visors was simple instead of fitting the new pin lock.
Overall, 10/10, no complaints at all.
Hjc r-pha 70 white helmet
07 July 2023 by Des M
Excellent fitting helmet, light and quiet and brought at a good price and very good service.
Great helmet
05 July 2023 by Bogumil
Very comfortable and quiet, build quality and materials great throughout. Upgraded from Shark helmet and while not a night and day difference it's well worth an upgrade if your budget allows.
Decent quality and comfort
30 June 2023 by Nicolae C
Only wore this one 4 or 5 times and the fit and comfort are spot on.

It is light being carbon fibre shell but unfortunately is not as soundproof as the reviews say.

Visor offers great visibility and the fact that it has that lock, once you close it you're sure that no matter how fast you go it will not open but the the top left vent doesn't really want to stay closed. It clicks when you open it but when you try to close it, it doesn't have that feel to it like the one on the opposite side has.
Style: Reple Carbon Black

HJC R-PHA 70 helmet review

HJC’s latest high-spec sports-touring helmet, released in 2017, has impressed me a lot in the 2000 miles I’ve spent w...

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HJC R-PHA 70 - Shuky Red

  • Carbon fibre, aramid and carbon-glass hybrid fibre shell construction
  • Enhanced shock-resistant performance and lightweight design
  • Multi cool interior with advanced anti-bacterial fabric
  • Moisture-wicking lining for quick drying and comfort
  • Emergency interior removal system for ambulance crews in case of an accident
  • A double D fastening system
  • Internal drop down sun visor
  • Large aperture quick release visor
  • Pinlock anti-fog lens included
  • HJ-26ST visor fitment

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
The R-PHA 70 is an ingenious combination of the super light race helmet R-PHA 11, with a fully prepared comfort-orientated touring helmet. The shell and components have been carefully engineered to enable the helmet to be equipped with an internal sun visor while weighing the same as the track-focused R-PHA 11. It features a large aperture, lockable, quick release visor to offer confidence-inspiring visibility and generous, controllable ventilation at the top, front, side and rear of the helmet to adapt for all riding conditions.

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