TomTom Active Bike Mount & RAM for Rider 400

Powered bike mount with RAM fixings for Rider 400

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Verified Customer Reviews for TomTom Active Bike Mount & RAM for Rider 400

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Tomtom Active Bike Mount & RAM for second bike
28 September 2023 by Barry S
Delivered quickly, efficiently and without additional charges. I already have a Tomtom Rider, and wanted to use it on my second bike. The usual Sportsbikeshop excellent 5 star service.
Replacement mount
24 July 2023 by Graham V
Bought this to replace the original from my Rider 450. The original mount which I've had for about 4 years cracked along the mounting point/release lever. Unfortunately you can only buy a whole new mount. I nearly bought just the mount and not the RAM part but read that meant you had to re-use the old screws/mounting plate, so for the sake of £3 difference got the whole lot so I have a spare ram mount/plate/screws.
The one plus point in all this is that original had been stiff/tight when putting the unit onto the mount. I did question this when I bought the Rider 450 and was told this was normal. This meant that it was difficult and required some wiggling to get the unit on/off the mount and a bit more force than I'd have liked. This new mount fits the unit perfectly. Not tight at all and just slides on nicely with a click. So if there is one benefit for having to spend £50 it's that it fits better, although this is luck of the draw I'm guessing.
Replacement Tomtom Rider Dock
30 March 2023 by William F
Bought to replace the original, which jammed the satnav and then snapped the release lever. Obviously does the job designed for and seems good quality. Hoping it lasts longer than the original! Also more careful now when putting on the Tomtom and removing it from the dock.
Useful Spare Mount
22 March 2023 by Steve M
I bought this so I could easily move the Tomtom 550 between bikes. The kit comes with necessary mounts and was easy to fit to a K1600GT / aux feed. Mountings and harness all seem to be good quality. So far so good, works as well as the original.
Cautionary Tale
18 December 2022 by Philip A
Bought this as I thought my existing unit had failed, read about pin problems and could not find any volts with a multimeter at pins so assumed unit had failed
Bought new unit which is just fine but still no joy
Checked accessory fuse and found it had blown, still now have unit for my other bike
Every cloud etc etc
Nothing has changed.
06 November 2022 by Jason G
Total number of these mounts that I have had now is 4.
On the first unit, the base snapped along the rotating joint. TomTom replaced this without any problems.
With the other units, the problem comes down to power. The contact pins are a weak point on the unit.
If like me you remove your Satnav when not in use, then you are exercising the springs each time. eventually the contact starts to weaken. Also watch out for water ingress into the contact area. Even by taking the precaution of covering the mount when washing, you will still get damp in there.
It is an unfortunate fact that the SatNav units, 450 and 550 are excellent units. Going by the horror stories I have heard; the grass isn't any greener on the Garmin side of things either.
24 September 2022 by Richard V
Required as a mount for a second motorcycle. Easy to fit and great quality. Works perfectly. As usual a fast and reliable service from sportsbikeshop. They were also the cheapest I could find anywhere. Highly recommended.
Very happy
11 August 2022 by Paul B
Ram mounts good, mounts TomTom well on the bars. Even better, huge plus, no vibration, so very happy with my purchase.
Does What It's Supposed To Do
23 May 2022 by Adam S
Bought this to replace the original mount on my Rider 400, that had finally given up after seven years of all year round use.

The replacement works just as well and was exactly the same to fit as original.

Best price I found anywhere on SBS, including TomTom direct.

Bonus, this comes with another RAM mount and small arm so I have a spare too!

Excellent service as always from SBS.
03 May 2022 by Andrew S
Great package that is easy to install. Very little vibration when the sat nav is fitted. Would recommend.
Second one
05 April 2022 by Anonymous
Like other reviews I have purchased another mount in order to put on my second bike. Great little kit that works well and allows the TomTom Rider to be connected quickly and easily. Although this states for Rider 400, this was purchased for my Rider 550 and works a treat.

In addition to this mount I ordered the RAM pinlock knob and didn't need the Rider full antitheft kit because I remove the GPS when I leave the bike.

It is expensive, however the quality is there and it works as it should.
Second set
16 March 2022 by Mark W
Great price with the RAM mount included, bought to go on my second bike. Simple install
First one faulty
24 August 2021 by Giles
First 1 delivered on time, how ever release mechanism didn't retract properly.... One email to the sportsbikeshop and the replacement sent as urgent for the new bike arriving the next day....
Replacement great.
Service you get from these guys means that I always try here first for my bike stuff... 5 star company...
TomTom extra RAM mount
22 December 2020 by Julien C
Exactly as expected and one e-mail resulted in price matching Amazon price. Fantastic and quick delivery. On my XT next day, just waiting to be able to use it in anger. Top quality and will need to be.
TomTom kit
24 January 2020 by Mark W
Extra set up for second bike, it is what it is. TomTom kit is pricey but with the RAM mount bits and a good SBS discount wasn't too bad.
SBS excellent service with the return as the first was missing fixings from the sealed RAM packaging. SBS no quibble returns , again 10/10 SBS.
TomTom satnav mount
11 November 2019 by Jane P
Excellent for 2nd bike. So easy to swap Sat Nav between the two bikes.
Tomtom mount
17 September 2019 by Ian B
Fantastic service from order to delivery
Good - Didn't Need the Mount
15 December 2018 by Peter H
At RRP of £80 it's average, but reduced it's reasonably good value. It's a shame that you can't just buy the TomTom part, as I didn't need the RAM mount.

TomTom Active Bike Mount & RAM for Rider 400

  • Ram mount
  • Active Rider 400 mount
  • Bike battery power cable

Everything you need to mount your TomTom Rider 400 on a second bike.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Will this mount work with TomTom 550 ?

    January 26, 2023

    This mount will work with the 550 units no problem at all.

  • Will this work with a Rider 40?

    March 22, 2019

    This is compatible with the Rider 40.

  • Will this unit work with tom tom rider 500

    December 10, 2018

    This will work, the Rider 400 and Rider 500 use the same mount.

  • The picture shows 4 pin contacts? My 410 unit bought off you has 2 pin contacts as does the satnav. Is this unit only for the 400? Is there similar for the 410

    July 30, 2018

    This is an old image and the new product will have 2 pins. Nevertheless, this mount is suitable for all 2 pin and 4 pin modern TomTom Riders.

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