Garmin Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Sat Nav

Adventure sat nav with bright screen, visual ride planning, group rides and app feature expansion


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Verified Customer Reviews for Garmin Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Sat Nav

18 reviews
21 May 2024 by Brian H
Having my xt2 for 8 months it decided to give up the ghost I could not reset it, just a frozen screen. Took it back to sportsbikeshop, they tried the same reset but nothing different.
Satnav was sent away to Garmin who could not fix it.
Two weeks later an email from sportsbikeshop saying a replacement satnav was going to be sent out and the next day 10am I had my new sat nav.
Great service from sportsbikeshop as always.
Thanks guys.
Zumo XT2
20 March 2024 by Malcom C
Big improvement over my old Garmin unit, had issues with the Tread app but all sorted now , highly recommend the XT2
thanks to the staff at Sportbikeshop Bristol.
Really good Sat-Nav
07 March 2024 by Wagsie
The first one I ordered wouldn't switch on, but I was sent a replacement within 5 days so for that I give 5*...
The Zumo XT2 is without question a great price of kit, it can be quite a pain to plan rides, but a quick look on YouTube and any woes soon fade away..
Build quality is great and the attachments it comes with are very well made also..
Navigation works great and the phone and headset integration so far is flawless..
Highly recommended
Best yet Garmin.
01 March 2024 by Ray E
So easy for me to see on my trike, because handlebars further away than a two wheel vehicle. Also given that distance this device was easier to use. Loved the clearer display reading quickly, was a cinch!
Zumo xt2
29 February 2024 by Ian W
What an improvement over the xr I had it's quick does a lot more and the slightly bigger screen makes all the difference. I am more than happy
Changed from BMW Nav VI
28 February 2024 by Graham F
Sat nav performance of XT2 much better than BMW unit, you do loose the wiz wheel interface but willing to put up with that. Very impressed so far.
Excellent customer service
28 February 2024 by Paul E
I had issues with this Garmin Zumo XT2 right from the start, kept trying to make it work correctly but in the end I had to give up and request a return, Sportsbikeshop were first class in dealing with this, currently on its way back to them, will report when I receive a working one.
Garmin Zumo XT2
25 January 2024 by John M
The display is excellent, bright and clear. The whole unit is slim and would easily fit into you motorcycle pocket when you step away from the bike. Although I've not had much use as yet due to the stormy weather, the menu is easily navigated for me as I had an old Zumo before. I do believe anyone new to Garmin wont have any issues. Sat Navs on a bike are a must:, especially abroad- Heads up on corners (if mounted in you line of sight), nearest fuel stops etc. Overall this is a great bit of kit and worth the premium price!
Garmin XT2 so much better than my old Sat Nav
25 January 2024 by Anonymous
Decided to up grade my old Garmin; the XT2 is so much better. Routes were difficult to enter into the old Garmin, in the XT2 I can plan a route using the app which is seamlessly transferred to the XT2 over WIFI. Alternatively I can enter a route, simple or complex using the XT2 screen. The XT2 has a great screen, good battery life and it is easily updated (firmware and maps) for free over WIFI.
Garmin Zumo XT2
08 December 2023 by Martyn E
Excellent customer service once again from Sportsbikeshop who price matched a competitor's reduced price.
The XT2 is the latest feature packed Garmin unit which outperforms the competition. You can plan your routes in the Tread App and they automatically transfer onto the XT2. Slightly heavier than the previous XT so a good aftermarket mount is required. If you have wifi in the garage, no need to remove the unit from the bike to update. Looked at the TomTom but it hasn't had any major upgrades for numerous years.
Nice but expensive SatNav
06 December 2023 by Anonymous
Unfortunately the first XT2 I had developed a fault that made it unusable after four months. The replacement was faulty out of the box. This is the third one and so far is working. Dissappointing after over 20 years of walking, bicycle and motorcycle sat navs.
Sportsbikeshop have been excellent dealing with the faulty units.
In my experience The XT2 is a nice satnav but I don't know if the extra £ is worth it over the XT. The bigger screen is better and the Tread app is handy.
I haven't yet used the newest one on the bike so I can't comment on all the functions. The route guidance is good and accurate, although the screen refresh is sometimes slow.
Garmin XT2 + « thread » app = excellence
19 October 2023 by Anonymous
Open the « thread » app and then search the map for locations then turn those locations into a route - amazing. But what is truly spectacular is for « thread » app to then transfer that route into the sat nav. Once the route appears in the sat nav open and start your ride. 5⭐️
Europe Preparations
12 August 2023 by Raymond R
XT2 big decision because of cost, Performance is out standing very clear screen in strong sunlight, all speed limits clear accurate.paired with Sena head set out the box easily with With fellow riders easy confirmation of their location worked with Tread app, live weather on route when tethered to phone, Can't wait to catch the ferry with confidence on the other side.
My 1st Sat Nav. & straight in at the top end.
11 July 2023 by Bill B
I decided to buy this Garmin Zumo XT2 as I felt I would prefer the large screen over the smaller XT or any other competitors Sat Nav. Well made & has lots of functions which I am still getting used to as being my first time to use Sat Nav & I trust this will be a great help on an upcoming tour.
Garmin Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Sat Nav
02 July 2023 by Anonymous
Really great product bright screen better size and functions good aswell only downside u can't use wiz wheel but that's minor works really well.
Good quality product
29 June 2023 by Alan R
Its early day's
pleased with its performance so far looks & feels a quality product
Only losing out on price
Hence 4 stars
Top of the line Garmin Sat Nav
20 June 2023 by Allan D
This top of the line Sat Nav was on my list to replace the old BMW Nav 5 I had.
What a difference in performance! It has the big 6" screen that you can see in the sunshine, intuitive controls, ability to set a route on the XT2 itself or import tracks and routes.
I set about installing a new SD card and importing routes from my phone via the Tread app - no more Garmin Express or Base Camp!
It was immediately easy to set up, update, and use, with intuitive controls for the various new functions - which I'm still getting to grips with.
Easily pairs to my Sena BT Headset and can direct calls and music through it to.
A quality product - you get what you pay for.
Great new Sat Nav
16 June 2023 by Ralph P
This is so much better than my NavVI !


Garmin Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Sat Nav

The Garmin Zumo XT2 rugged motorcycle sat nav system is built for adventure. Featuring a large and bright 6 inch display that's highly visible, even in direct sunlight. Built tough, the Garmin XT2 is designed to withstand both the elements and handlebar vibrations. For motorcyclists looking for the ultimate sat nav, get ready to enjoy the ride.

Plan Your Route
The XT2's visual route planner lets you customise your journey with various options; such as experiencing a thrilling ride with extra twists and turns, or a more efficient and direct route. The preloaded Green Guide from Michelin offers pictures, detailed descriptions and ratings of various locations, letting you know what's worth a stop along your route. Quickly toggle between on-road, topographic maps and satellite imagery, so you can always have the perfect map for your ride.

Better Together
Start a group ride to track your friends on the Zumo XT2's display (requires the use of the Garmin Tread® smartphone app). See popular moto paths, Michelin Scenic Roads and satellite imagery to find new places to explore together. Review and share your ride details, including your elevation, acceleration, deceleration and more via the Tread® smartphone app.

Headset Compatible
Hear navigation prompts, listen to your music and make phone calls hands-free with the XT2 when paired with a compatible Bluetooth headset or helmet. (Requires the Tread® smartphone app.)

Get The App
Expand the feature set of the Garmin XT2 with the Tread smartphone app and get access to real time traffic updates, weather reports and more!
Google Play
App Store

Included in the box
Garmin Zumo XT2 unit
Motorcycle mount and hardware
Motorcycle power cable
Charging/data cable

  • Large and bright 6" sunlight-readable display
  • IPX7 weatherproof design
  • Visual route planner with Garmin Adventurous Routing™
  • Choose between efficient routing or more thrilling adventures
  • See popular moto paths ridden by other riders
  • Discover unforgettable rides with Michelin Scenic Roads
  • Preloaded Michelin Green Guide
  • Toggle between road, topographic maps and satellite imagery
  • Traffic updates via Garmin Tread® app
  • Start a group ride to see positions of other riders (Requires Tread® smartphone app)
  • Review and share ride details via the Tread® smartphone app
  • View and edit routes
  • Hear navigation prompts, music, and calls hands-free when paired with optional compatible headset and Tread® smartphone app
  • 6 inch dual-orientation display with 1280 x 720 resolution
  • 1050 nits brightness
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Built-in WiFi for easy updates
  • 32 GB internal storage, expandable with up to 256 GB microSD card (not included)
  • Weight approx: 340g
  • Battery life: Up to 6 hours (3.5 hours at 100% brightness)
  • Rider alerts for sharp curves, speed changes etc
  • Compatible with Garmin inReach satellite system (sold separately)
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