Oxford Heated Advanced Hot Grips - Touring

Advanced heated grips specifically for touring bikes


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Verified Customer Reviews for Oxford Heated Advanced Hot Grips

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Nice and toasty
03 February 2024 by Anonymous
Oxford Heated Grips have been a staple diet of my bikes over the last decade or so. As Sportsbikeshop had these "posher" ones on sale instead of the £50 ish ones that I would usually get, I went for it.

Nice to have the extra settings on heat and the feel of the grips is good.

The longer guarantee is now a very nice touch and likely won't need, but nice to have it.

Very happy as always with Oxford grips and all fitted nicely.

Feels good quality and easy to install, with the leads also feeling good quality
Hotter than the Sun!
21 January 2024 by Matt
Well, not quite but I'd estimate that these grips get twice as hot as the built in OE grips on my Triumph.
Yes, there are sleaker solutions out there, but get these in the sale / decent price and you can't really go wrong.
Hot grips hot
02 January 2024 by Andrew F
Whilst I haven't fitted these yet, as the festive season got in the way, the products look very well made and the quality of the wiring etc. looks to be first rate. I managed to find an exceptionally good video on YouTube showing how to fit these, and in particular the real importance of preparation and dry fitting before gluing them in to place. Looking forward to fitting them and being able to appreciate that extra level of comfort.
Heated grips
27 December 2023 by C W
Well I couldn't believe them working so well (too well) It's got 9 setting eg 100 % down I only have theM on about 45%!!!! I've got a pair of Gerbing heated glove there great but!!! You have to run wire thought jacket or pay more for battery they're great but £190 ish and keep move cables. While these great I did not think these so good, a must for bike!!!!
A must for the 365 biker
27 December 2023 by Mat M
Really great product from Oxford. Good price, easy to fit and great delivery from Sportsbikeshop as always.
A must for someone who goes out all year.
Thank you guys.
Probably the best grips about
16 December 2023 by Duncan R
My Honda fitted grips stopped working (water in control unit) so I had to replace them. Once fitted these have proved more adjustable and hotter than the one's they replaced at a fraction of the extortionate price Honda deem right. They are quite thick but well patterned and feel comfy to grip. I've only used them to temps down to 4 degrees where they've been quick to warm up and plenty warm enough mid level. I wired mine to a fused live feed so they turn off with ignition...they remember the setting last used when starting so all good. Very easy to fit, nice tidy install, work well, feel good, appear very well made and the control panel is excellent. As a note of caution I had the sand down the (non standard) throttle tube on my VFR1200X which was a right PITA...might be worth checking sizes of both grip length and internal diameter before ordering. Fitting issues aside these are 1st class.
So Pleased
15 December 2023 by Anonymous
First time using heated grips and wow! Had to turn them down after doing less than a mile ! Very happy with them, also quite easy to fit, the service from SBS was second to none, going to make my winter rides much better.
Great Grips
09 December 2023 by Darren E
Very easy to fit. Follow instructions and you can't go wrong. Works well with muffs. Very happy.
Brillant, kept my hands nice and warm
29 November 2023 by Rod J
Fitted these to my Husqvarna enduro bike, rode in the Peaks at 1 degree this weekend, hands were nice and warm. Worked a treat. Reasonably easy to fit, had to cut the old grip off the throttle side.
Well worth the money
01 November 2023 by Ken M
Easy to assemble and highly recommended! - Note that the super glue goes off very quick!
2nd Set in as many years!
19 September 2023 by Neil B
No, not for the reason you may have imagined, but because I have changed my winter hack and these are an essential piece of kit to enable more comfortable cold weather riding. OK they would need the addition of muffs to work in seriously sub-zero temperatures, but for anything in the -2 to +8C range I find these work absolutely fine.

I like the range of settings on the grips controller and rarely find the need to stray into the top two settings, proof that these were designed in the UK for all year use. I'm almost looking forward to those cold winter mornings!
The best hot grips for the money
04 September 2023 by Anonymous
I have these fitted to both my bikes and would recommend them over OEM fitment for cost, ease of use and effectiveness. if you get cold hands, get these. Once the throttle tube is trimmed and filed they are easy to fit and wiring is simple with the auto-off controller. The only downside is the very fast curing superglue provided which doesn't give you any time to adjust them after install so use very very sparingly and keep the rest for fixing other broken stuff. It's nice that you can get replacements for individual grips too when needed. Great service as always from SBS and cheap on sale.
Simple fit & good value
26 August 2023 by Tim S
Oxford heated grips are pretty much the industry standard for aftermarket heated grips.
Genuine plug&play fitting, no horrible wire splicing.
Take time to route the wires and this system looks like it was meant to belong from the factory.
Quality is top notch and at a fair price.
Warm up in seconds - great performance.
Battery protection is a great feature to save flat battery mishaps.
Easy fit.
22 August 2023 by Dennis P
Just fitted these grips to a 2020 Moto Guzzi V7111 Stone and what an easy job it was to do. The new grips fitted the bars and no cutting was required. They went on very easily with a minimum of preparation having cut off the original grips. There is a bit of surplus cable from the grips which I tucked in behind the headlamp. I was able to run the supply cable to the battery without disturbing the tank.
I have had the Oxford grips in the past on various bikes and they always work well. A very good investment before the winter starts! Highly recommended.
08 August 2023 by Rick H
Easily the best value and best performing grips on the market.
A cold weather must have
09 February 2023 by Sam
I do a lot of commuting and long distance riding but suffer with joint pain in my hands. These are a miracle in the colder days and even on warm days help my hands cope with the constant strain. They are plenty warm enough on the 40% setting, anything more than that is quite hot depending on what gloves you use.
Wish I'd bought sooner
09 February 2023 by Sandy P
First time using heated grips and they are game changing. Dont need thick winter gloves anymore.
(Prefer gloves with more protection)

Easy to run cables to battery.
Make sure you angle cable so it doesn't interfere with levers at full throttle.

I tried using gorilla glue clear (supposes to have a high temp rating) but when the grips got hot, the glue loosened,then set when cold several times. Ended up using the supplied super glue, it set quick so dont mess about.
Makes winter riding a pleasure.
06 February 2023 by Jim T
Heated grips are fantastic and easy to fit.
Always a good experience when spending money with Sportsbikeshop.
And the delivery is the best described as 5star every time.

Oxford Heated Advanced Hot Grips - Touring

  • Weather proof construction
  • Nine heat settings
  • Intelligent heat setting memory
  • Battery saving mode
  • Optimised tread pattern
  • Simple installation
  • Length: 120mm / 110mm

The Oxford Advanced HotGrips feature 9 heat settings to give increased control for the perfect operating temperature with LED lights to indicate the level. The intelligent heat setting memory function stores the previous heat setting and defaults to this at power up, saving time when in regular use. The heat controller uses a sealed-for-life welded case construction for long term durability and weather proofing along with weather proof power connectors to further protect the HotGrips against the elements. The battery saving mode protects against flat batteries. If you forget to turn the switch off, it will do it for you. If the engine is switched off, the grips will automatically turn off until enough power is available. This eliminates the need for the user to buy and fit relays. The grips have ergonomically engineered surface structures to optimise riding performance. Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear ensure high levels of grip and vibration absorption. Thanks to their unique expandable design and fool proof wiring loom, HotGrips are extremely easy to fit. Connection to the motorcycle could not be simpler. Simply connect the two ring connectors to the battery.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • What is the grip thickness of Oxford Heated Advanced Hot Grips Touring once on bar? Standard Oxford grips are 29 mm, but I use Oxford Fat Grips which are 33 mm.

    January 9, 2023

    We can confirm the outside diameter once fitted is approx 34 mm

  • Would these fit a Keeway rks?

    June 6, 2019

    As long as the handlebars are 22mm in diameter, but the grips may require some trimming.

  • Hi Will these grips fit a Harley Davidson 48?

    January 8, 2019

    Only if the diameter of your handlebars is 22mm. If the bars measure 1 inch in diameter, you will require the Cruiser grips.

  • Apart from the price and the number of heat settings, what's the difference between this advanced set of grips and the normal grips?

    December 18, 2018

    The connectors used on the Advanced grips are an upgraded type, and they come with a three year warranty.

  • I have oversized bars, 25mm diameter, will the Oxford grips fit these?

    December 13, 2018

    The only grips that will fit 25mm bars are the Oxford Cruiser grips.

  • Hi, Will these grips fit a Honda VFR800 model? Thank you.

    December 4, 2018

    These will be fine for your Honda, but may need trimming.

  • Hi, will these grips fit a GSXR 1000K7? Thanks for your help Kim

    December 4, 2018

    I would think that the Sports grips would be better. The end of the grips may need trimming to fit - the maximum uncut and cut lengths are shown on each item. If you can measure the grips that are already fitted, the ones to purchase are the grips that require the least trimming to fit.

  • Can you confirm theses will fit a 2014 GSX 1250 FA please?

    November 19, 2018

    The Touring grips will be fine,the end of the grips may need trimming to fit.

  • Which heated Oxford grip will fit a victory octane 2016

    November 5, 2018

    We can see no reason why Oxford heated grips should not fit, as long as the handlebars are 22mm in diameter. We would suggest speaking to a Victory dealer or asking on an online forum for Victory before purchasing just to be sure.


    November 3, 2018

    Either the Sports or the Touring will be fine. The end of the grips may need trimming to fit - the maximum uncut and cut lengths are shown on each item. If you can measure the grips that are already fitted, the ones to purchase are the grips that require the least trimming to fit.

  • Will they fit a Yamaha xjr 1200 1995 model?

    October 2, 2018

    Either the Sports or the Touring grips will be fine. The end of the grips may need trimming to fit - the maximum uncut and cut lengths are shown on each item. If you can measure the grips that are already fitted, the ones to purchase are the grips that require the least trimming to fit.

  • Suitable for Triumph Thunderbird 900 1999? thank you

    October 2, 2018

    Either the Touring or the Sports grips will be fine. The end of the grips may need trimming to fit - the maximum uncut and cut lengths are shown on each item. If you can measure the grips that are already fitted, the ones to purchase are the grips that require the least trimming to fit.

  • Hi, can these heated grip be wired to the ignition so they turn off when the ignition goes off and can't be turned on accidentally and flatten the battery!

    January 11, 2018

    The Advanced Hot Grips can be wired to the ignition.

  • Hi, What's the difference between the advanced and premium oxford heated grips? Any difference in heat output?

    December 13, 2017

    The advanced grips have nine heat settings instead of five on the premium. There is no difference in the heat output, but the heat is more controllable. The advanced grips have improved connections, and a three year warranty. The premium grips have a one year warranty.

  • Will these grips fit a Honda cbf600 on a 09 plate. thanks

    November 16, 2017

    Provided the bars have a diameter of 22mm, the grips should fit ok. The working length is 120mm / 110mm and the grips can be cut down to within this size range if required.

  • What size are these grips? Will they fit a Kawasaki Z1000SX 2015?

    October 31, 2017

    Yes we confirm that they will fit your motorcycle. The length is 120mm / 110mm.

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