Oxford Hotgrips Pro - Touring

Heated motorcycle grips with integrated controller and built in Thermistor technology


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Verified Customer Reviews for Oxford Hotgrips Pro

7 reviews
Not so Hotgrips
21 January 2024 by Alasdair M
Fitted to 2022 Yamaha XSR700.

Bought the Hotgrips Pro mainly for the fact that it has inbuilt controls so a neater instal on a naked bike with limited places for a separate controller. In this aspect I'm happy, they look neat and are simple to fit and use.

Only negative point is that they aren't what I'd call hot, warm yes but definitely not hot even on highest setting, I'd say maybe half the heat of the last Oxford Hotgrips I used on a previous bike. Right grip seems to be cooler than the left for some reason too. Whether this is a problem with you is going to be down to personal preference so I'm scoring them as average only.
Really good.
12 December 2023 by Anonymous
Previously had the old model with the box which worked well. This new version was a lot easier to fit not having the box. The grips I have are the touring version, they feel good to the touch.
Heat from the grips like others have said doesn't appear to be as hot but should be hot enough unless in seriously cold weather.
As close to OEM, as it gets, but
11 December 2023 by Aleks R
Had a pair of Oxford Advance heated grips fitted on my MT07 previously with controller tucked away neatly. Just what I needed for chilly days.
Now I have Street Triple and there's no space whatsoever for Grips controller, if you want to keep handlebars clean. So had to go for these latest edition of Heatgrips Pro. (Even though they are almost double the price)
Excellent upgrade on a bike with it being as close to OEM, as possible, however they are nowhere near on temperature with previous gen! Used to be as hot as needed with 50% power setting, Hotgrips Pro however, I have to put on Max and would be just there or there about warm enough!
In short: Great design, but definitely can be hotter!
Worth the money
11 October 2023 by Daren J
These grips fit well, provide plenty of heat and give a clean look as bo need for the separate controller.
The grips themselves feel firm but not too hard and seem like they will be hard wearing. Overall the quality is very high.
Heated grips
18 September 2023 by Anonymous
Very good heated grips, only worn with summer gloves so far but they seem to get hot! Had an issue with the first set of grips but as usual Sportsbikeshop was unbeatable and swapped them for another set!
Good... but too expensive?
25 August 2023 by Rich O
I've used oxford heated grips on many bikes, and always found them to be excellent, and great value for money. So overall I was disappointed with these.

I've just bought a bike with a lithium battery, which I intend to travel on, so was worried about battery issues - these pro grips are meant to stop any unwanted battery drain specifically on lithium batteries.

My first pair had a fault on one side. The replacement pair arrived quickly - good service from SBS, but fitting proved difficult. The grip was tighter than the first pair. DO NOT use the included super glue!! It dries in a few seconds, leaving it a real nightmare to get it in the correct position. I had to use loads of force to break the seal in order to remove the grip. I then cleaned everything up and refitted it dry, adding a touch of glue to the outer end once in position.

This issue is certainly specific to the type of bike / handlebar / throttle body, but the glue gives you no chance to make corrections. It simply dries too quickly.

So on balance I wouldn't recommend these - the removal of the control switch in no way justifies the more than double price.
Getting to grips with heat
25 July 2023 by Alexander W
These were so easy to install,very straightforward and quick! Settings are easy to use and the heat variations for me are perfect. Good quality material and well insulated against water. The usual speedy delivery from SBS and very happy with my purchase.

Oxford Hotgrips Pro - Touring

  • Integrated controller - allows rider to adjust temperature without removing their hand from the grip
  • Built-in Thermistor technology auto-regulates temperature
  • Precise temperature control - multi-coloured LED lights indicate temperature settings (Red = 45°C; White = 40°C; Blue = 35°C)
  • LED lights automatically dim to reduce distraction when riding at night
  • Intelligent heat setting memory - stores previous heat setting and defaults to this at power-up, saving time when in regular use. Note: Function is available when heat controller is connected to ignition
  • Battery saving modes - protects against flat batteries, so if you forget to turn the switch off it will do it for you! An additional battery saving mode for lithium batteries
  • Simple installation - the new integrated controller means that the HotGrips wiring loom is even easier to install
  • Silicone formed grips - increases grip lifespan by up to 200% without compromising comfort or performance
  • Weatherproof design - fully waterproof connectors and integrated controller meet IP65 rating to protect your HotGrips™ from the elements
  • Integrated cable strain relief - a more compact cable exit enables grip size to be reduced
  • Fits 7/8" (22mm) ⌀ handlebars
  • Comfort guaranteed - hex tread pattern for vibration absorption and durability; knurling tread pattern creates the largest surface area for maximum of grip and control
  • Customisable grips - Grip length of 125mm but can be trimmed to 120 or 115mm if required, with open ends allowing bar end weights can be fitted

Hotgrips Pro are the latest evolution of Oxford's vast Hotgrips range - a fully integrated heated grip, which comes in 3 brand-new grip patterns. On a very practical level, these are Oxford's first fully silicone grips; this incredible material increases their lifespan by up to 200% without compromising comfort or performance, as well as reducing cable strain and increasing grip levels. Moreover, there is also no separate switchgear to find space for and install, because each grip houses its own internal temperature control unit, operated by a power/temperature button with an LED light on the clutch-side grip.
To select a heat setting, simply press the button repeatedly until the LED displays the colour which corresponds to your choice: (Red = 45°C; White = 40°C; Blue = 35°C). The LED will automatically dim to reduce distraction when riding at night. On a more technical level, the intelligent controller will independently measure and control the temperature of each grip using inbuilt thermistors to maintain the desired temperature setting.
Whatever temperature is chosen, the controller will supply maximum power until each grip has reached this temperature. Once reached, the controller will only top up as and when required to maintain this set temperature, making the grips easier to use and more energy efficient.
Here's an everyday example of how independently temperature-controlled grips will make your riding more comfortable...
If you need to remove one hand while riding for any reason, the automatic temperature control will counteract the effect of windchill by sending power immediately to the affected grip. When you return your hand to the grip, rather than needing to warm back up, it will be just as warm as it was before.
Hotgrips Pro also have 2 battery saving modes: a lead-acid mode and a lithium mode. Both read and monitor the motorcycle's battery and will shut off automatically at the set voltage levels to protect the battery from draining.

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