Oxford Hotgrips Pro - Sports

Heated motorcycle grips with integrated controller and built in Thermistor technology


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Verified Customer Reviews for Oxford Hotgrips Pro

14 reviews
Warm hands with Oxford grips
15 April 2024 by Michael M
Great product, easy to fit. Very neat appearance.
Rapid dispatch and delivery.
A real improvement on previous model as I can keep my hands on the grips while adjusting the heat settings.
Excellent once fitted
22 March 2024 by Lukas F
Got these for my cafe racer because I wanted grips without a separate control unit. Fitting required a bit of work. The left sided grip went onto the handlebar easily enough and was glued in place. The right grip on the throttle side needed some fettling to get it on though. The throttle tube of most bikes, mine included, is made of injection moulded plastic which will never have the same dimensional accuracy as an aluminium handlebar. Not a problem for flexible rubber grips, but this heated grip is rigid and made to a tight tolerance. My throttle tube was very slightly out of round and the grip would not go on without modifying the tube with abrasive paper. This was quite easy to do however, and once fitted all was good. I fitted the electrics to a relay controlled by the ignition switch to ensure no current drain when the ignition is off. The automatic off function of the grips does seem to work though so this was not necessary in hindsight. The grips are very discreet and are controlled by a neat switch on the left grip. Heat is more than enough but not as hot as some grips I have used. Overall, very pleased with the performance and would recommend.
Oxford pro heated grips
03 March 2024 by Trevor T
Ordered them fast delivery easy to fit wet out for a ride to try them in February cold day south west Scotland and I have to say they are rosty toty
26 February 2024 by S B
These are an amazing bit of kit! Turns out most the poor reviews they got were fitment issues from people that didn't do any research or have a clue what they were doing.

Great heat and a tidy setup without the controls adding clutter up round the bars and dials.
Hot grips pro
13 January 2024 by Graham G
Bought these then watched fitting videos, Though I'd made a mistake because the videos show people sanding down the handle bars and the throttle tubes to fit the grips. Load of rubbish, Fitted to a Kawasaki 1000 sx and no need what so ever to file , cut or sand down the bars.
These fitted over the bar and throttle tube with the right amount of tension with the supplied glue.
Quality is amazing hold button for three seconds to turn in so no accidental switch on.
No ugly control unit and very clever constant heat. Love them
Really pleased with these!
27 December 2023 by Rab N
I've never used heated grips before and having read a few reviews about them not being the hottest I wasn't quite sure what to expect. However, these are exactly what I was hoping for - fitted to my Interceptor 650 they look pretty much OEM with no ugly controller box cluttering up the cockpit. Really nice grips in their own right - nice and grippy - and the 3 settings work perfectly for me. I really like the thermistor control, so once you've set the desired temperature using the discreet button, you don't need to bother with adjusting as the day warms up, or if you're switching from slow country lanes to fast A roads - the grips self-adjust to keep the temperature constant. I didn't want "hands on radiator" hotness - just enough to keep my hands getting painfully cold in winter and there's more than enough heat for that - I usually leave mine on the mid setting. Fitting couldn't be easier and the auto turn-off means there's no risk of draining your battery if you forget to turn them off after a ride. My own experience has only been positive to date and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Great Grips
19 December 2023 by Chris C
Once you get them on they are great. Nice n warm hands.
A bit fiddly getting them on but worth it. Definitely sand the throttle tube
I didn't use the super glue supplied as I've had past issues. I used Araldite it gives you time to set them right.
As I've said once on they are great and the little stealth button control is perfect
Oxford Hotgrips Pro not brilliant
30 November 2023 by John C
The first set supplied the wire came out the twistgrip before they were fitted. These were replaced very quickly by SBS.
The second set were very difficult to fit to the clutch side which required the bore of the grip to be polished out. Surely they could be made so the fit easily.
The grips were eventually fitted and wired direct to the battery as per the instructions.
They work ok and do shutdown the electrical supply in a very short time after switching off the ignition so no fear of flattening the battery.
However they do not get as hot as my old type with the seperate control box.
Also I have factory grips on Suzuki GT1000 and these also get hotter.
Therefore at the price of these items I am disappointed with these grips.
As they are now glued to the bars I cannot remove them without damaging them and send them back.
I believe Oxford need to review this product and possibly change the heating element and look at a more secure method of ensuring the wires do not detach themselves from either grip.
A bit tepid I suppose
29 November 2023 by Neilo
I've had Oxford heated grips on all my bikes, so it wasn't even a question as to what brand I'll fit onto my new 2023 300cc Vespa scooter.

The build quality of these is excellent, including the connectors and dimensions, and not having a separate controller makes these much easier to fit too.

Unfortunately, the only issue (and it's quite a big issue really), is that these don't get as hot as any of the other Oxford heated grips I've owned/fitted.

They are fitted directly to the battery, and function absolutely fine, but they don't get "hot"........'tepid' perhaps, but never 'hot'.

Honestly not sure they are worth the extra money. I could've still found a place for the controller on the scooter if I had to, but it's too late now...they are fixed in place with Oxford's grip-glue that will stay put even during a nuclear meltdown.

The quality of this item is in no way representative of SBS, who are nothing short of THE BEST in the business.
Oxford Pro hotgrips
17 November 2023 by John C
Upon fitting the item the twist grip wires came out of the grip. It appears that the wires are not secure with clamping and I think that long term I am doubtful how robust the grips will be.
Sportsbike shop had no problem quickly exchanges them for me.
The second set fitted but I these pro items do not seem anything like as secure as the old type with the seperate control. I would be interested to learn if Oxford have tested these grips against possible snagging in use.
If this second set fail due to poor poor construction them I will ask that Oxford look into this.
Poor performance and expensive
31 October 2023 by Paul C
These grips don't get anywhere near hot enough. After 10 miles, 37 degrees near switch and only 26 near bar end, despite connected to battery directly. I've had 2 other Oxford grips before and both were hotter. These are simply not good.
Oxford quality again
13 October 2023 by Neil L
Cant ever fault oxford stuff. Pro grips performed as they should, more than hot enough for me and I like the new 1 button control much slicker.
Great heated grips.
30 August 2023 by Wojciech Z
After few years of using Yamaha heated grips ( 2 pairs stopped working) I finally decided to swap for Oxford one and I have to say I'm really pleased with quality of these grips . I installed it few weeks ago and grips feel soft , comfortable and very grippy . 3 setting of heating looks promising so should be enough for autumn rides . Super happy with purchase, also great service from SBS as usual. Highly recommended.
Looks slick but maybe not as hot as previous
30 March 2023 by Joe D
They look brilliant as I've put them on an xsr900 and the bulky controller would make the bars look messy.
Extremely tight fit on a Yamaha throttle tube at least in my case required a bit of sanding and force to install.
The 3 settings are simple but it feels as thought they aren't as hot as a previous set of hot grips I had but I may be wrong.
They have worked well so far at 4 or so degrees but I've only tried with thin gloves so far I will see if they are powerful enough to heat through thick gloves soon.

Oxford Hotgrips Pro - Sports

  • Integrated controller - allows rider to adjust temperature without removing their hand from the grip
  • Built-in Thermistor technology auto-regulates temperature
  • Precise temperature control - multi-coloured LED lights indicate temperature settings (Red = 45°C; White = 40°C; Blue = 35°C)
  • LED lights automatically dim to reduce distraction when riding at night
  • Intelligent heat setting memory - stores previous heat setting and defaults to this at power-up, saving time when in regular use. Note: Function is available when heat controller is connected to ignition
  • Battery saving modes - protects against flat batteries, so if you forget to turn the switch off it will do it for you! An additional battery saving mode for lithium batteries
  • Simple installation - the new integrated controller means that the HotGrips wiring loom is even easier to install
  • Silicone formed grips - increases grip lifespan by up to 200% without compromising comfort or performance
  • Weatherproof design - fully waterproof connectors and integrated controller meet IP65 rating to protect your HotGrips™ from the elements
  • Integrated cable strain relief - a more compact cable exit enables grip size to be reduced
  • Fits 7/8" (22mm) ⌀ handlebars
  • Control guaranteed - knurling tread pattern creates the largest surface area for maximum of grip and control
  • Customisable grips - Grip length of 125mm but can be trimmed to 120 or 115mm if required, with open ends allowing bar end weights can be fitted

Hotgrips Pro are the latest evolution of Oxford's vast Hotgrips range - a fully integrated heated grip, which comes in 3 brand-new grip patterns. On a very practical level, these are Oxford's first fully silicone grips; this incredible material increases their lifespan by up to 200% without compromising comfort or performance, as well as reducing cable strain and increasing grip levels. Moreover, there is also no separate switchgear to find space for and install, because each grip houses its own internal temperature control unit, operated by a power/temperature button with an LED light on the clutch-side grip.
To select a heat setting, simply press the button repeatedly until the LED displays the colour which corresponds to your choice: (Red = 45°C; White = 40°C; Blue = 35°C). The LED will automatically dim to reduce distraction when riding at night. On a more technical level, the intelligent controller will independently measure and control the temperature of each grip using inbuilt thermistors to maintain the desired temperature setting.
Whatever temperature is chosen, the controller will supply maximum power until each grip has reached this temperature. Once reached, the controller will only top up as and when required to maintain this set temperature, making the grips easier to use and more energy efficient.
Here's an everyday example of how independently temperature-controlled grips will make your riding more comfortable...
If you need to remove one hand while riding for any reason, the automatic temperature control will counteract the effect of windchill by sending power immediately to the affected grip. When you return your hand to the grip, rather than needing to warm back up, it will be just as warm as it was before.
Hotgrips Pro also have 2 battery saving modes: a lead-acid mode and a lithium mode. Both read and monitor the motorcycle's battery and will shut off automatically at the set voltage levels to protect the battery from draining.

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Oxford Hotgrips Pro - Sports VideoInstallation

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