Rukka R-Star Gore-Tex Glove - Black

Dual chamber fully waterproof Gore-Tex armoured leather glove

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Verified Customer Reviews for Rukka R-Star Gore-Tex Glove

26 reviews
Winter gloves
28 February 2024 by Dale W
I needed some quality gloves for cold days but didn't want the hassle of heated ones.
These are better then I expected, I used them on a trip to my daughters in 3/4 degrees for an hour and my hands stayed warm and comfortable. Best winter gloves I've found in over 30 years of riding. Expensive but you get what you pay for!
Style: Black
Does what it says on the tin
14 December 2023 by Robert E
Expensive but does what it says on the tin.
As my bike has heated gloves I use the grip configuration and this allows me to feel the heat better whilst still maintaining some degree of feel for the controls.
Whilst I've used them in the wet and in the cold with great success I'm yet to use them in the wet and cold at the same time, but I have no doubt they will pass with flying colours.
I have used them in full warm configuration without grips and found them better than any other glove but also found that you do sacrifice "feel" for warm. A worthwhile trade off in my book.
The only real criticism I would have is that the glove is manufactured with straight fingers so whilst breaking them in you do get fatigue in your 3rd and 4th finger especially in your right hand.
Style: Black
Excellent Gloves
09 December 2023 by Peter L
Very warm and comfortable, totally waterproof and the best gloves I've ever used. Downside is the price but if I get 5 years use like the last Rukka pair then they're worth the money.
Style: Black
Rukka quality
23 October 2023 by Jack H
Really happy with these. Recently had my bike nicked and had all my gloves including a cheaper pair of Rukka ones in the topbox. Took a punt and bought the most expensive winter gloves they make.
Toasty even with my poor circulation, and they have a nifty flap inside that allows you to put your hands in one side or the other which moves padding from the back of your hand to the palm for all round warmth.
Really well made and excellent fit.
Unwearable above about 10 degrees though, these are COLD weather gloves.
Style: Black
Rukka Gloves
18 December 2022 by Brian A
The best of gear warm and waterproof
Style: Black
Quality glove
30 September 2022 by Simon H
Really warm
Style: Black
Happy handies
18 April 2022 by Daniel I
Totally love these gloves. 2nd pair last pair just got to small. Nothing to do with gloves. Twin Chambers are a godsend. 2deg not a problem. Costly but well worth it. Really can't fault quality and service.
Style: Black
Rukka Warmest Glove.
22 December 2020 by Anonymous
Rukka told me they where the warmest glove they made. I rode for 2 hours at 5 degrees and my hands where still warm. Great buy.
Style: Black
Expensive gloves.
21 October 2020 by Steve W
These were on offer for £200 (originally £250!) but, for unheated gloves, are very good.
The visor wipe is too small, and I'd prefer it on the thumb in any case.
Totally waterproof, but my fingertips get cold at around 5 degrees C, despite heated grips. They are fairly bulky but easy to get used to. Quite difficult to get inside jacket sleeves, as they're pretty thick, but the design & function are very good. The padding on the outer palms does a good job of absorbing vibration from the handlebars. Bought these as a stop-gap because my Gerbings went wrong & burnt one hand. If I decline replacement heated gloves I'll definitely have to use over-mitts when the temps start dropping. Hence 4 stars. SBS are excellent though (as always), despite the pandemic.
Style: Black
So Far So Good
09 October 2020 by Malcolm A
Only wore once for long trip around West of Scotland, kept hands nice and warm and bone dry after several heavy downpours. Feel real quality which you would expect from a £200 pair of gloves, knocked one star off as they do feel bulky in the warm chamber but I'm sure i will get used to them, great service as always from SBS.
Style: Black
Love Rukka stuff but hate these
17 September 2020 by Mike
I tried a pair however chose to return them as even with dry hands the liner pulled out when removing and meant when putting back on the fingers needed a lot of messing about to fit properly and get the liner back in place. I have other Rukka gloves which are excellent however despite these being otherwise excellent quality for me the design is all wrong.
Style: Black
Good Unheated Winter Gloves
24 July 2020 by Ian D
I don't know of an unheated glove that will give full protection down below zero Celsius, but this one is close.
Certainly with heated grips I only feel slight discomfort at my fingertips.
The styling is a little lacklustre, but these are highly functional gloves, and certainly completely waterproof. I found the cuffs very difficult to get inside the sleeves of my Rukka Navigator jacket, which was a little surprising, but I found out why once they were in place - they are a snug fit to keep out draughts, and it works.
Tactile feel through the glove is muted, as you'd expect with any insulated glove of this nature, but if you can use the bottom chamber with heated grips, things do improve to a degree.
The knuckle protections aren't intrusive and I don't recall them interfering in any way during the winter months when I was wearing them.
I'm sure there are other gloves out there that will keep your hands warm in winter, but Rukka most certainly paid attention to detail with these, as they most always do. The 2 year warranty isn't overly generous for gloves costing as much as these, but based on my experience of the Rukka suit, I decided to go with these as I've had my fill of cheap gear which lets in water and looks like a dustbin liner after a year or two.
I wouldn't recommend these as a 3 season glove as they will cook your hands in anything hotter than a dull day in the UK (I use the Argosaurus for anything other than hot days) but as an unheated winter glove, they are probably about as good as it gets.
Style: Black
Rukka - perfection
13 January 2020 by Iain G
Needed a replacement for my Held (twin chamber gloves) these were the same price with a very nice 10% off voucher from SBS! Couldn't resist and so far not disappointed! On very cold rides (1-2c) you can choose between having your hands in a thick winter gloves where insulation/thickness is the same all round or using the second chamber which gives better feel on the grips whilst keeping the back of your hands protected from the breeze! Heated grips keep my palms warm! The gloves just shoot quality which is be expected at the price. Can't recommend enough!! Service from SBS faultless as usual!!
Style: Black
07 November 2019 by Richie C
Awesome pair of winter gloves, to start they felt a bit bulky but after the first ride I got used to them after coming from lighter summer gloves.
Well put together as you would expect. Would recommend!
As always SB were bang on With delivery and service.
Style: Black
Good but.....
05 January 2019 by Scott R
Hey :)
I wanted to really test these gloves out before leaving a review as I did find some of the reviews I read not that informative(gulp hope mine is!)
First purchase from SBS & I can say that Sophie is 10 out of 10 - great knowledge & understanding & what she didn't she got an answer for me rather quickly - thank you :)
The gloves themselves are like a work of engineering art. Utterly lovely, quality is 100% present in every respect, well made, fantastic materials & look & feel like the price they command 5* without doubt. The concept of a warm pocket & a grip pocket on paper is amazing.
I can also confirm that these gloves are 100% waterproof - tested at (legal) speed in rain/drizzle. 5*
It took a while to get used to their physical size - I ride a 99 R1 and found that my fingers were hitting the levers so I had to adjust the way I grip/levers to feel right which took some getting used to. I have no issue accessing controls like some other reviewers have mentioned.
The actual fit of the glove is good on hands but a little tight on the fingers & my left little finger I now hold away from the clutch as it feels like I'm stretching my finger & it feels tight. It is odd that although both my hands measure exactly the same, the left glove doesn't feel as natural as the right.
It is a thick and heavy glove and due to this it does feel like you're wearing oven gloves even if you're using grip mode as the warm lining is a bit intrusive.
They are also a challenge if you have a jacket with a tight cuff. I have a Richa jacket and whist you can get one glove under the cuff trying to get the other one in as a long and challenging process. In the cold ok but in the rain it is massively frustrating. There's a Rukka logo patch on the the glove and it's just a douch to try and wiggle under but this is only if it's raining otherwise seal your cuffs and pull it over - no wind draft.
Riding in plus 4 degree conditions is ok, riding below my fingers feel cold. I only commute 8 miles and you can feel that if it was much more than these gloves would be a perhaps not what you would hope for but I've yet to go a massive distance in these conditions.
It's like your hands stay the same temperature inside them as you put your hands in them. I thought that they would warm up as I went a long - cold hands in stay cold.
I"ve never spent this much on a pair of gloves & I was expecting they would be like God's own chosen ones but as amazing as they are I'm not 100% blown away. These are 3 season gloves not winter gloves - I was really tempted by short cuffed heated gloves but was put off by the thought of wires going through my jacket.
I imagine that I will have to add heated grips to my R1 which is an extra expense to get that toastie feeling which makes me then think that I could have got a cheaper pair of gloves & the grips & be happy & warm.
If you're touring with heated grips and all the mod cons then these gloves are 100% amazing, if, like me you ride for fun/commuting all year round then maybe not the best option hence the 4 not 5 stars.
Style: Black
Above average
03 April 2018 by Brad M
These are the first pair of winter gloves I have ever spent over £120 on, so far they seem good but not the all singing all dancing super glove I had pictured in my head.
Build quality is good, comfort good, feel is not as bad as some reviewers have suggested especially as I usually wear motocross gloves so I was not expecting to have the same dexterity.
I still felt a bit of a chill in a couple of fingers which is my only gripe, but they're waterproof, and maybe I was expecting too much.
The visor wipe is OK on visors but I found it useless with goggles.
Armour is good compared to the other winter gloves I looked at and gave me confidence in them when I tried them on.
Some reviewers commented on the finger length being too long but I thought they were fine, if anything a couple of more mm would be better.
I would recommend them to a friend but I do think they are a little overpriced, hence 4 stars.
Style: Black
Very good but look at the Held equivalents too
29 December 2016 by David
The problem with any waterproof gear, is that once it gets wet inside, it stays wet for ages. These two-chamber gloves have one chamber that's not waterproof which is ideal for a long trip as one chamber will dry out quickly in the breeze. (At least I "think" that's the case as I haven't got the insides wet yet!). They have quite a short cuff so will presumably go inside some jacket sleeves, though not mine. The Rukkas replaced the cheaper Held equivalents which I marginally preferred, as they have a fluffy lining in one chamber and always kept my hands warm. Neither pair was too cumbersome to interfere with the controls. Finger length on both pairs is perfect for me - always a concern on a bike.
Style: Black
Top quality glove
12 December 2016 by Jay
Comfortable, waterproof and warm. Use the double glove at the moment - and think the extra layer on the top will work well with heated grips.
Style: Black

Rukka R-Star Gore-Tex Glove - Black

  • Full grain leather construction
  • Fully waterproof, windproof, breathable Gore-Tex
  • Extra warmth for colder riding conditions
  • Fleece lining with 2-in-1 technology
  • Carbon Knuckle protection
  • Super-Fabric scaphoid protection
  • Waterproof zip and hook and loop cuff
  • Visor wipe on the left glove
  • 3M reflective on fingers
  • Two year Rukka warranty

Gloves measured by palm width (excluding thumb)

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