Oxford Docking Station Ground / Wall Anchor

Forged from hardened steel and incorporates it's own in-built locking bar to retain a chain

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Verified Customer Reviews for Oxford Docking Station Ground / Wall Anchor

28 reviews
27 January 2024 by Barry



Peace mind and cheaper insurance
18 January 2024 by Ray H
Strong and robust. It will definitely deter thieves and made a big difference to my annual insurance cost
Peace of mind!
13 May 2022 by Mr G
Makes me and my bike feel a lot more secure. A very good deterrent, hopefully it won't need to be put to the test, but you never know. ????????
Excellent quality
16 August 2021 by Anonymous
This product is really really good.
However you need to ensure that you purchase this model of it with the gold rating.
The blue one available from other suppliers is not gold rated and the bolts are a really poor standard compared to this model.
SBS as prompt and efficient as ever thanks
Good & solid.
24 May 2021 by Anonymous
Well made,very solid.Mounted on wall,easy to do,easy to use.
Happy so far.
Great space saver
13 March 2021 by Andy A
Wall mounted to keep the chain off the floor (more secure) but also saves space when not in use enabling the bike to be easily wheeled in and out of the garage without riding over a floor anchor.
18 February 2021 by Iain W
Good advice from SbS.

Got this for new bike, options to fit to floor or wall. Easy to install if you have the tools.

I made the mistake of following the instructions for tightening the bolts up. As didn't want to mess anything up. Very slack at the recommended nm.

I've used bolts similar to this with work in the past so decided to just horse them right up. Solid.
Think a thief would have a hard time lifting this now as it goes flick against the surface and if you install it close to the bike it's a pain to even get at it with a key.
Great Product, great price
12 February 2021 by Anonymous
Really well built, easy to install and very secure.
Docking station
19 October 2020 by Stephen M
Great bit of kit,heavy and well made, put mine on the garage floor behind bike so only way to attack it is to knock garage wall down,good luck lads
Oxford docking station
15 May 2020 by Paul
Proof would be, if it thieves try to break it. Hopefully never find out. Seems a good quality piece of kit for the garage. Simple to install, following the instructions
Awsome solid product
11 May 2020 by Anonymous
The Oxford Docking Station Ground / Wall Anchor is a solid bit of kit with the versatility of being able to apply either to the wall or floor which opens up many options for where I could place it. The kit is heavy and with a product like this that's the way you want it, robust and sturdy. Instructions are simple and clear and it's easy to fit. All you need is a masonry drill bit and an Allen key (Allen key provided). Will most likely be buying another to secure a trailer to another wall. We'll recommended.
Well made security device
07 May 2020 by Ian C
Everything that you can see in the photos is designed and manufactured to the highest quality and I'm really satisfied with it. However, the devil is in the detail and the masonry rawl plugs that come with the product are poorly made, weak and not up to the standard of the docking station itself. The unit is straightforward enough to fit. It is heavy and tricky for one person to fit so I would recommend making a cardboard template of the back so that you can get the drill holes in exactly the right place on the wall. The problem was that the cheap rawl plugs just fell apart when inserting them. You can put them back together but it is super fiddly and confidence in their ability to hold the unit is eroded. Both Jo at Oxford Products and Ray at Sportsbikeshop.com have been super helpful in trying to get replacements sent out but in the end I ordered high quality plugs from Wickes online (£8.50) and they have done the trick. Once fitted, it not only looks really good but has also given me the all important peace of mind.
Excellent for locking up bike.
03 May 2020 by Mark S
This wall mounted anchor is good value for money and service was excellent, recommend.
Looks good, strong, nice deterrent
11 April 2020 by Greg
Installation was a task and had to rebuild the plugs, I would recommend taping them with narrow length of stretch electrical tape to save swearing.
Once its in its mot going anywhere. Locking mechanism is smooth.
Great product and service
09 April 2020 by Steven L
Great product, and as usual great service.

Yet to install as I'm waiting for a garage to be built, but looking at the product it looks very well made.
What a piece of kit
05 April 2020 by Craig
Whilst this might well be an expensive item it certainly is a fantastic product the weight of it alone tells you it is a quality item all the fixings are included however I did end up going out to buy a better set of rawbolts as the ones supplied for some reason would not fit in the 16mm holes you need to drill to accommodate them the new ones slipped right in. Not needing a padlock negates some of the cost of it. Very happy with my purchase this is a great addition to my bikes security
Worth The Money
09 March 2020 by MD
Great solid piece of kit, very weighty and not surprising when this is entirely made from hardened steel. This build to last the tests of time and attacks.

This has the versatility of being able to fit up to 16mm chains. Also you could have one or two chain configuration locked into this with extra padlocks

The key operation is very smooth and the retaining cap is great for stopping rust or dirt seizing the operation of the lock.

There is also an Allen Key bolt (Allen Key Provided) stopping the locking cylinder sliding over even when you have unlocked it making it extra annoying for anyone trying to get at this. (make sure you use WD40 on it every now and then)

The most ideal ground for this is flat but I fitted it on wavy concrete. The point is to make sure its secure to the ground and you can't get underneath it so I sealed all around it so you can't.

The Anchor bolts for me were intact on arrival but I did have to pull one out of the ground as I didn't drill far down enough, that was tricky so try to measure twice and fit once.

I didn't fit the ball-bearings as want to remove it at later date. If you aren't going to move any-time soon fit the ball-bearings. I just used wood glue in hex thread and then fitted the caps on top, so you could remove it but it would be time consuming for anyone trying to steal in a hurry.
Oxford docking station
25 February 2020 by Robert D
Once installed, great and im sure it will do the job.

The build quality of the bolt plugs are extremely poor, I had to purchase additional bolt plugs to ensure sufficient installation.

The issue is the grips are spring loaded and the butterfly effect the plugs have don't work as the finish on the plug is smooth and on drilled hole brick or concrete as there's is nothing to grip to....Hence down the builders merchant £15 later on proper grips

Then the silver bolt caps, the finish is poor there is no direction of what way round to insert these two of the caps were way over sized and I had to file down to install.

For the cost of this product I did expect better, on the whole the station its self is of good build quality, just make sure you install sufficiently

Oxford Docking Station Ground / Wall Anchor

  • Combines the rigidity of a ground anchor with the flexibility of a chain
  • Made entirely from forged hardened steel
  • Uses the latest high security semi-elliptical key technology
  • Replacement key service available
  • Weather-resistant dust cap
  • All necessary high security fittings included
  • Can be wall or floor mounted
  • Heavy duty: 4.5kg in weight
  • Suitable for use with Oxford Monster, Nemesis or Hardcore chains
  • Fits chains up to 16mm in width
  • Sold Secure approval Motorcycle Gold

Chain NOT included
To fit a chain for the first time simply unlock, unscrew a small retaining screw, slide out the locking bar, fit the chain and close the locking and re-tighten the grub screw. Then to use daily just unlock using the key and slide the bar out to release one end of the chain and secure around your motorcycle and fit back into the docking station and re-lock.

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