Cardo Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercom - Single

Waterproof 2-way wideband Bluetooth intercom with HD speakers and built-in radio with RDS

RRP £139.95
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Verified Customer Reviews for Cardo Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercom

50 reviews
Fantastic Value....
11 April 2024 by Eamon K
Fantastic value for the price....
I bought this for my pillion, as I run a Cardo Edge...
Very simple to fit and connect up via Bluetooth, all you have to do is download the app onto your phone.
Sound quality is good for her music and while the intercom is obviously not as good as via the mesh connection it's certainly more than acceptable...
Build quality excellent and what you'd expect from Cardo products.
Highly recommended....
Style: Single
04 April 2024 by Gareth H
Bought the duo pack of the spirit HD. Mainly purchased to use for myself and when my wife rides pillion.

The sound quality is unbelievable (much better than expected) and you can talk clearly at motorway speeds.

I have also used it to take an incoming phone call and again the sound was brilliant.

I really can't fault, everything all looks good quality and it is a very decent bit of kit for use with either a pillion or with one other rider without braking the bank. It's one of those bits of kit you think you don't need, until you actually have and use one and it's a game changer.
Style: Duo
Brilliant Upgrade
26 March 2024 by Grant
I bought this to replace a Freecom 1+ which I had bought back in 2019. The sound quality for this is so much better than the 1+ so I am extremely pleased. Time will tell but the connectivity seems to be much better as well. I had issues with connectivity with the last model which required me to reboot the device on a frequent basis however this one seems to connect flawlessly.
Style: Single
Just perfect for the price.
21 March 2024 by Iain M
Wanted a system to work effortlessly for calls, music and sat nav. This unit is perfect and easy to set up. Comes with an app but I use mine with Google maps and Spotify. On the move one button and Siri kicks in and plays music or sets up sat nav. Quality of calls is brilliant and those I have called think I am out walking rather than sitting at 70 on the motorway. It's easily to see why Ride Recommend it.
Style: Single
20 March 2024 by Simon S
Very easy to set up using the app. Fitting the speakers and microphone was a bit fiddly, but worth it. I am deaf in one ear, but can hear phone conversations clearly, just through one. Amazing piece of tech
Style: Single
Amazing sound, but...
11 March 2024 by Christos
Let's start with sound, crystal clear, loud enough, by far best quality tested so far in intercoms. Very fast connectivity as well and profile is quite slim. Only drawback is the silly combination of buttons you need to remember for basic functions. For cardo that shouldn't be the case. I believe this will be soon get fixed via an update.
Style: Single
Superb product
20 February 2024 by Glenn R
SBS fitted my Cardo Sprit HD to my new bike helmets. The product is fantastic and the service SBS gave was five stars can't recommend both enough.
Style: Duo
Cardo Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercom - Duo
15 February 2024 by KH
All works well when not connected to the bike, has issues playing music, phone call etc when connected to the bike (Triumph Tiger 1200) but is ok when connected directly to the phone which is a pain as cannot use the navigation panel on the bike to select options.
Style: Duo
Good value and quality
03 February 2024 by Andrew N
Easy to install to Shark full face. Good quality sound, a bit lacking of bass. Easy to connect to mobile via Bluetooth, have own app to control. Only using for music streaming and sat nav. Haven't tried yet to connect to other devices.
Style: Single
30 January 2024 by Michael B
Very fast service next day delivery excellent service
Style: Single
Great intercom
07 December 2023 by Anonymous
Perfect budget intercom. Relatively easy to install and very easy to sync up to phone.
If you're just after an intercom to listen to music/radio and make calls then you don't need anything more capable or expensive than this unit.
Style: Single
Good value
01 November 2023 by Nicholas E
I chose this because of a test on Bennett's Bikesocial to use in conjunction with a sat nav & phone. It is a little tricky to fit properly & hide the wires as the speaker connector could be smaller but with care & a small amount of gaffa tape, the wires stay put under the liner & the connectors are hidden under the cheek cushions.
When riding, its fairly easy to remember which button to press & if your phone is connected you can use the assistant with verbal commands to do stuff.
Music & calls can be easily heard at well above the UK legal speed limit though results may vary depending on helmet & bike, mine is fitted in a Shoei Nxr2,used on a naked bike.
Can't comment on suitability as an intercom though.
Style: Single
Cardo Spirit HD
31 October 2023 by Cliff
I'd originally purchased the non HD version but then decided to buy a new helmet (see my review on the AGV K1 S Dundee) SBS have an offer which discounts any bluetooth intercom system by 16.6% so for a few pounds more I got myself an upgraded version. Its well made waterproof and very easy to install and use. The sound is more clear with a better base than the non HD version so I'm glad I upgraded. A big shoutout to Sophie from the Boston store who assisted me, she was brilliant as are SBS.
Style: Single
Amazing intercom
11 October 2023 by Matthew T
Started out riding with no intercom, finally bought one and it's top tier. Them white girl music hits differently on a bike, all in all quality great, been soaked with rain dried it off with a towel and had no issues
Style: Single
Excellent Service
29 September 2023 by Eva W
I initially purchased from another shop, they had no stock and were basically unhelpful and rude when I asked for a refund. I then tried Sportsbikeshop, which I should have done in the first place! No issues, arrived next day as promised and perfect service. Early days with the product yet. I've had to bring the speakers closer to my ears as I use an open face helmet, there's a lot of background noise. It seems to have improved things. It was very easy to install and the app seems intuitive and responsive. As I say early days, but so far so good
Style: Single
OK but not as good as I was expecting
18 September 2023 by Anonymous
Sound is good and can hear pillion at high speeds. Unfortunately, at lower speeds sometimes get feedback from each other's voices registering through the microphones giving a "hearing yourself" effect which can make talking confusing. Remedied by turning volume down on the headsets, but annoying to have to coordinate this with both headsets, and expect more from a product whose main purpose is to do intercom well. Also, I've found the buttons quite fiddly and the two-button press to pause music is awkward. I do like the voice assistant button feature, and fortunately it's a simple single button press.

The biggest let down for me is that it is not possible to speak with pillion on intercom AND both listen to music at the same time. Unfortunately, I was misled by the official Cardo Systems YouTube video "Spirit Line Full Tutorial", which claims that the product supports simulatenous music sharing and intercom, or at the least strongly implies it (from 23:27).

In summary, it's OK. Much better than the cheap unit I had before, especially for hearing pillion at high speed. But the fiddly controls, feedback problems, and lack of simultaneous music and intercom (+ misleading claims from Cardo) mean that I wouldn't buy it again.
Style: Duo
A bit of a faff, but work well once sorted.
03 September 2023 by Dave W
Work well but a bit of a faff to set up with app and sat nav etc.
Radio being fm is rubbish.
Sound quality for phone calls and music from mobile is great.
Overall, above average and about the right price with the discount for buying with a helmet.
Style: Duo
Cardo sprit HD does the job
27 August 2023 by Geoffrey T
For a first timer in the helmet coms, I thought the Cardo sprit HD was good value and easy to operate, with air plug's the quality of sound is still very good, more than happy with the product and service from sportsbikeshop and would recommend
Style: Single

Cardo Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercom - Single

The Cardo Spirit HD is a wideband Bluetooth 5.2 intercom system with powerful 40mm HD speakers, an advanced processor, and three distinct audio profiles to transform any ride. Being waterproof and dust-proof, no matter what you throw at it Spirit HD will take the beating and keep you connected - rain, shine, mud, dust or snow. Connecting two riders it has a range of up to 600m / 0.4mi. With its universal connectivity, it will connect with any of the leading Bluetooth headset brands. Keeping the unit up to date is easy with the Over-the-Air software updates with the Cardo Connect App, which is also used to alter settings.
Sena Compatibility
Sena SRL Compatibility

  • 2-way wideband Bluetooth up to 600m / 0.4mi range
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 40mm HD speakers with advanced processor
  • Three unique sound profiles
  • Easy universal connectivity to leading brands of headset
  • Fits full face, dirt-bike, open face, 3/4, modular helmets
  • Operating temperature -20C to 55C / -4F to 131F
  • Tough waterproof design
  • Built-in FM Radio with RDS
  • Operating frequencies 76-108 MHz
  • Six preset station memory
  • Over-the -air software updates from the Cardo Connect App
  • USB cable updates
  • USB type C connection
  • Set device settings with Cardo Connect App
  • Main unit dimensions H 47mm, L 78mm, D 19mm
  • Weight 35g
  • Two channels for mobile phone and GPS
  • TFT connectivity
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Automatic volume based on ambient noise
  • Battery charging time up to 2 hours
  • Fast charging, 2 hours talk time after 20 min charge
  • Talk time 13 hours
  • Standby time 10 days
Variants Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Can you play music and listen to directions (primarily Waze) at the same time?

    February 14, 2023

    Yes, once the Cardo Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercom is connected to your phone, it will play any media that your phone is playing, including directions from navigation apps.

  • Do you have to use the usb for updates on the Cardo Spirit HD Bluetooth Intercom or can I solely update the device over the app?

    January 8, 2023

    This can be updated solely via the app. Simply download the Cardo Connect App to download and install the latest software updates directly to your Spirit HD - no cables are needed.

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