Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom - Duo

Pair of waterproof 4-way Bluetooth 5.2 intercoms with 40mm HD JBL speakers and auto-reconnect

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Verified Customer Reviews for Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom

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Customers generally praise the Cardo intercom systems for their sound quality, ease of installation, and reliable performance at high speeds. Many appreciate the clear phone call quality and the helpful voice command feature. Some reported issues include occasional disconnections, random activations, and microphone problems. The product's ability to integrate well into different helmet types and its useful app are highlighted positively. However, a few noted difficulties with simultaneous music sharing and intercom use. Overall, despite a few quirks, most found the investment worthwhile.
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Good connectivity and easy to use
14 July 2024 by Apoorva G
Quality of the intercom, bracket JBL ear phones are robust, good connectivity and easy to use. The only drawback that I felt is that the cables are weak. Feels like any tiny force would break the cables. Also, I am using modular helmet HJC C91, routing is a big hassle. And the mic piece is too bulky that it is uncomfortable to wear the helmet after installing the mic piece. Cardo could focus more on strengthening the cables, and making the mic as simple as possible.
Style: Duo
Good sound quality
12 July 2024 by Chris R
Easy to pair with other items, phone, satnav and bike. Come paired to each other. Sound quality is great. I need to master the controls but I think that's me not the units!
Style: Duo
Good upgrade
10 July 2024 by Elijah T
Bought to replace my packtalk slim and see if it irons out some of the issues.

So far it seems to be a better option than the slim.

Good parts -

USB C charging - miles better than my older model
Sound seems better
Connects faster
Easier to stop music

Bad parts-

Doesnt seem to have sorted the issue of losing riders around corners
Dont like the toggle wheel, you end up blasting music too loud into your ears
Still think its overpriced for what it is!
Style: Duo
Good but not good enough
06 July 2024 by Evan
Listen, it's capitalism, you get what you pay for. Nothing wrong with the intercom itself, I'd say the quality is ok. Perhaps a bit fiddly to perform actions like volume up or down due to the absence of a wheel. The audio quality was ok but not exceptional.

Unfortunately, and unrelated to the above, I had to return mine as the two units could not intercom with each other. I decided to upgrade to a more premium Cardo model instead
Style: Duo
Not bad for the price.
01 July 2024 by Anonymous
Not as good as my previous Sena units and there is a noticeable delay. So slightly disappointing, but on the plus side they are a good price.
Style: Duo
Crystal clear and easily lasts all day riding
23 June 2024 by DC
I heard other reviews about battery faults so i decided to fully charge the unit before using it, took about 45mins and i havnt had any issues. It took few mins to download app and pair via bluetooth then another 5mins to update software via app (using mobile connection).

We done an 800 mile trip around Wales with a pair, and would definately recommend the packtalk edge. Batteries were still at about 25% at the end of each day (about 10hours of riding). Range is fantstic, we tested intercom audio for probably more than half a mile even when out of sight, only cutting out at times when we were multiple bends and hills away from each other, which should be expected. Im confindent the range in flat open terrain might reach upto 1.6km as they say, but in all honesty i cant imagine a need to be that far away from your buddy.

I always ride with protective ear plugs but i can still hear music, intercom and calls loud and clear. Infact, without ear plugs i find the max volume can be a little too loud for long periods. At lower speeds, I cannot fault the sound at all. At higher speed (say 50mph+) wind noise can start to muffle sounds a bit but this is more to do with your helmet than the system, but also remember audio quality in a bike helmet is always going to be different to being inside a car for example. Radio works fine... but a bit faffy to find the right stations and always going to be a bit hit and miss without a proper antena. Just a side note, you can use your own music app rather than the built in cardo music player as it is kinda basic, lacking in functions like shuffle or play lists etc.

Voice Speed dial is useful but limited to only 1 favourite number, so i would reccomend setting this up with your buddys number in case you get separated.... or... emergency services if you think that is important for voice activation. Otherwise, it just works like any other bluetooth head set and you will need to access your phone to initiate calls etc. Voice commands are pretty simple, but as usual using an American accent can help if it isnt understanding your voice. Its hard to remember all of the button commands but you get used to finding the buttons and the roller quite easilly after a while, even with gloves on.

The magnetic positioning is pretty good, im not concerned about it falling off as it does actually clip in place. No faffing with cables and clips when adding and removing, it is stupidly easy when you stop for rests and such.

Worked out a little over £200 for each unit, compared to the other packtalk models made the edge worth the extra in my opinion. Only giving 4 stars because of the few little niggles mentioned, like limited speed dial (no specific emergency call feature), music player too basic... but it really does do everything i want it to do.
Style: Duo
Best there is
17 June 2024 by Lisa M
Got these as wasn't getting on with senna set. The sound is so clear and it's easy to use. Would highly recommend
Style: Duo
Great quaity
17 June 2024 by Reece L
I bought a 2 pack Cardo system for use by my partner and I. We shall use them both as rider/pillion and also rider to rider as she is learning to ride too. So far so good, great quality product and relatively easy to fit. The delivery service was fabulous as always.
Style: Duo
13 June 2024 by Anonymous
Bought to replace my packtalk slim
Style: Duo
A quality product
12 June 2024 by Christopher H
The intercoms are easy to fit, however one of the sticky pads holding one of the units failed despite using the cleaning materials provided. I managed to resolve using the plastic mount. I like the voice control. it makes taking calls and listening to music a lot easier. I upgraded from and Interphone tour and so far it seems better.
Style: Duo
Excellent, thoughtful product
10 June 2024 by James M
My friend and I went halfs on this duo pack so we could communicate while riding. Was a great option for us with our Caberg and Schuberth C5 flip up helmets, and we fitted them ourselves with a minimum of fuss.

- The magnetic fit of the unit to the cradle is genius.
- The volume cranks up high enough to be easily heard over an aftermarket exhaust, while wearing earplugs
- Mesh connection happens instantly and automatically when the units are turned on. We never experience any connection drop-outs while in sight of each other.
- The voice commands are a godsend, especially being able to command Google/Siri to do stuff like reroute navigation or change audio player app. Meanwhile, the Cardo commands do the useful stuff like play/pause/skip track/volume up etc.
- Battery life seems good. 50% remaining after a 5 hour ride.
Style: Duo
Excellent product!
07 June 2024 by Renan C
One of my best buys for motorbiking! Bought to replace an aging pair of intercom and what a difference!

Excellent sound! Me and the wife can talk just as normally even when on the motorway, and the battery lasted us for 3 days of 6-7 hours on the bike.

Couldnt be happier!
Style: Duo
Nice and simple
06 June 2024 by John M
Well packaged comms kit. Simple to install if a little fiddly in some helmets (my Arai) but not all. Easy setup via the app. Acceptable sound quality at various speeds listening to music/navigation and pillion.
Style: Duo
Cardo spirit
04 June 2024 by Garry P
Over all works well, did find it a bit of a pain to set it up for the intercom, early days yet so we'll see how we get on with it
Style: Duo
02 June 2024 by Matthew
This is honestly the best headset/speaker product I have ever had!

I previously had the Sena SLR2 for my Shoei GT Air 2. The Sena was good, but the controls were limited and hard to remember and did not have mesh so connecting to a friend was super difficult.

The Cardo Packtalk Edge however is 20x better. The speakers can be incredible loud. I can have music which is too loud, with earplugs in and on the motorway. This also means I can easily hear phone calls at higher speeds. I can also speak to Siri and request things through them.

Moving onto the mesh - it's honestly amazing. Purchasing the duo pack for my partner and I to use, Cardo automatically connects when we've turned the headsets on. Absolutely seamless.

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone!!! It's is super great and really easy to install!!
Style: Duo
Communication is key
01 June 2024 by Anonymous
Fantastic product, really easy and straight forward to fit into my helmet, very clear speech when in communication with other bikes and when on the phone. Well worth the money
Style: Duo
20 May 2024 by Paul W
Bought so could talk to wife on back bit pricey for that but turns out phone clarity is so good people think I'm still in office. Still learning the finer points of sharing music etc but it says it does it, so I guess it will. My only criticism is that I now have have a back seat rider as well as back seat driver :-)
Style: Duo
Cardo Packtalk Edge Duo
17 May 2024 by Mike W
Excellent service with fast delivery.

Cardo Packtalk Edges were easy to set up and give excellent sound quality, the helmet fixing clip is secure and the voice commands work well.
Style: Duo

Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom - Duo

The Cardo Freecom 4X is a 2-way wideband Bluetooth communication system with powerful 40mm HD speakers engineered to perfection by JBL experts, with specially tuned music processors and three distinctive audio profiles, making your riding experience exceptional. Operation is easy with the always-on Natural Voice, just say "hey Cardo" and tell it what you want to do, your Freecom 4X does the rest. Live Bluetooth gives exceptional quality along with an Auto-Reconnect facility for two riders up to a range of 1.2km / 0.75mi. Being waterproof and dust-proof, no matter what you throw at it, the Freecom 4X will take the beating and keep you connected - rain, shine, mud, dust or snow. Universal connectivity allows connection to any other major brand Bluetooth headset.
Sena Compatibility
Sena SRL Compatibility

  • 4-way wideband Bluetooth up to 1.2km / 0.75mi range
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Natural voice operation to leave hands free
  • Live Intercom giving exceptional audio quality and Auto-Reconnect
  • Easy universal connectivity with leading headset brands
  • Powerful 40mm HD JBL speakers
  • Specially tuned music processors and three distinct JBL audio profiles
  • Pronounced, easy to use buttons
  • Operating temperature -20C to 55C / -4F to 131F
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Built-in FM Radio with RDS
  • Music streaming
  • Operating frequencies 76-108 MHz
  • Six preset station memory
  • Software Updates
  • Over-the-air software updates available through the Cardo Connect App
  • USB cable updates
  • Device configuration set through Cardo Connect App
  • Main unit dimensions; H 48mm, L 78mm, D 20mm
  • Weight 37g
  • Speakers diameter 40mm, depth 10mm
  • Two channels for mobile phone and GPS
  • TFT connectivity
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Sound by JBL
  • Automatic volume control based on ambient outside noise
  • Talk time 13 hours
  • Charging time up to 2 hours
  • Fast charging, 2 hours talk time after 20 min charge
  • Standby time 10 days

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